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Coaching Courses for 2020

A number of Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Courses have been announced for January, February and March 2020.

The one-day Level 1 ETA Coaching Course covers topics such as coaching competencies and standards, development of skills and game understanding, session and season planning, risk management and behaviour management. There are both theoretical and practical aspects to the course.

This course costs £85 per person.





Sat 25/01/20


Ben Powell

Book via your membership account

Sat 22/02/20


Ben Powell

Sat 21/03/20


Ben Powell

A Level 2 course will be held in Nottingham on a date to be confirmed.

Presented by Ben Powell, this two-day course will cover coaching processes, feedback and performance analysis, elite skills and strategy, elite team composition, elite team culture and environment, elite game and campaign planning, coaching standards.

This course costs £180 per person and can be booked via your online membership account.

Further courses will be running at all levels in 2020. CLICK HERE to register your interest!

Any specific questions can be emailed to

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