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Over the past few years England Touch's medical team has undertaken an increasing amount of research into the specific demands Touch places on the body.

While the medical team works primarily with the England High Performance Squads, the principles apply to players at all levels of the sport.

So you have just finished playing back to back matches after another exciting day of Touch and your legs are feeling the strain. Your heart is telling you to hang up your boots and head to the bar for a well deserved pint, but your head is telling you to get waist deep in a freezing cold bath of ice water.

We all have our opinions and beliefs on effective methods to aid post match recovery, with ideas usually based on tradition, habit or peer recommendation. Plunging into ice cold water is a common practice among elite athletes and sports teams with the belief that this is a way to recovery faster and reduce DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness), especially after periods of intense competition or training.

But before you succumb to the torture, what is the evidence behind the practice? Read on to make up your own mind.

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The concept that stretching is non-beneficial or in some cases detrimental is, I suspect, alien to most. Culturally the majority of us are schooled on stretching throughout our education, we are told as children to stretch by our teachers and it usually follows us through to our participation in sporting activities, with good willed and keen coaches who genuinely want to improve us as well as look after us.

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Every successful sportsperson has their own routine on game day, and it is important that you have the same to make sure you are in a position to achieve your very best.

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