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Developing skills with Boing

Over the last few months the England Touch management has been working closely with Boing, the country’s leading provider of resources for schools to develop the physical literacy of children and young people through active and inclusive play.

England Touch has developed six games for the PlayBox, each specifically designed to develop a core skill that can then be used in organised games of Touch, firstly as the Super 6s variant for new school players, and then in the full version of the sport at later dates.

The games are:

  • Gold Run – Super Skill: Scoring a try
  • Shooting Stars – Super Skill: Evasive running
  • Cannon Balls – Super Skill: Catch a ball
  • Base Builders – Super Skill: Passing a ball
  • Keep on Rollin’ – Super Skill: Roll ball
  • Chicken Run – Super Skill: Performing a touch

CLICK HERE to see the resources in full

All of the games are hosted exclusively on the Boing website, with resources including a video to show how the games are set up and played, and written instructions detailing the equipment which is needed, all of which should be available within a school environment, such as cones, hula hoops, and balls (preferably rugby, but any ball will do!).

The games are designed for spaces no larger than a tennis, netball or basketball court, and can be played indoors or outdoors.

England Touch’s management believes that this is the first collated group of resources which have been specifically designed to develop core skills in this way, and which can of course be transferred to other codes of rugby, too.

Furthermore, as with every training game or drill, all six games can be played by more experienced Touch teams or older social groups as well!

For more information about Boing’s full range of games and activities head to

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