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The Touch World Cup in Nottingham this July will be far and away the biggest World Cup in the history of the sport.

With approx. 190 teams from more than 40 nations, the Touch World Cup will see around 4,000 competitors, coaches, support staff and referees head to the East Midlands this July. With several thousand expected supporters also expected, the Touch World Cup is expected to be only behind the Olympics and Commonwealth Games in terms of the size of a competitive sporting event to be held in England since 2010.

The University of Nottingham is the host venue, with pitches across both the Highfields and Riverside Sports Complexes.

A week of this scale requires a volunteer team to match, with several hundred required each day across a number of operational areas, listed below along with all of the other requirements.

More than 250 volunteers have signed up - many thanks for your time and commitment!

We are England Touch

Some space. A ball. Your mates. A game
Your team. A competition. Maybe a trophy or two
Work hard. Develop skills. Get selected. Represent your nation
Volunteer time. Pick up a whistle. Make a difference
This is England Touch. Pick up a ball and play!