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Draw announced for Junior Touch Championships

Draw announced for Junior Touch Championships

There will be plenty of action for England supporters to enjoy at August’s Junior Touch Championships in Dublin.

There will be England teams in all four categories – Mixed 15s, Mixed 18s, Boy’s 18s and Girl’s 18s – with all four having different formats depending on the number of teams that have entered.

England Boy’s 18s play Ireland, Scotland and Wales on day one, with a clash against the hosts on day two. The first and second-placed teams will then play each other on day three to decide the overall winners, with the third and fourth-placed teams facing off for the minor places.

The Girl’s 18s have five games in the round-robin stage, facing Wales, Middle East Touch and Ireland on day one and European Select and Scotland on day two. Day three will see a series of qualifying finals and semi-finals before the overall champion is decided.

There are nine teams taking part in both the Mixed 18s and Mixed 15s, and both squads will have busy weekends with eight games apiece before the placing matches.

The Mixed 18s open their campaign against Middle East Touch, with further games against Ireland and France on day one. Day two sees them play Guernsey, Wales, Jersey and Scotland, with a further round-robin match against the Netherlands on day three.

The Mixed 15s face the Czech Republic, Middle East Touch, the Netherlands and Wales on day one, Sweden, Ireland and France on day two, with their final round-robin match against Scotland on day three before the final placings are decided in the play-offs.

Day 1 - August 18th

9:00am            England X18 v Middle East X18

9:40am            Czech Republic X15 v England X15

10:20am          England B18 v Ireland B18

11:10am          England G18 v Wales G18

11:50am          England X18 v Ireland X18

12:30pm          Middle East X15 v England X15

1:10pm            England B18 v Scotland B18

2:00pm            England G18 v Middle East G18

3:20pm            Netherlands X15 v England X15

4:00pm            England B18 v Wales B18

4:50pm            England G18 v Ireland G18

5:30pm            England X18 v France X18

6:10pm            Wales X15 v England X15

Day 2 - August 19th

9:00am            Sweden X15 v England X15

9:40am            England X18 v Guernsey X18

10:20am          England G18 v European Select G18

11:50am          Ireland X15 v England X15

12:30pm          England X18 v Wales X18

1:10pm            England G18 v Scotland G18

2:40pm            France X15 v England X15

3:20pm            England X18 v Jersey X18

4:45pm            England B18 v Ireland B18

6:10pm            England X18 v Scotland X18

Day 3 - August 20th

9:00am            Netherlands X18 v England X18

9:40am            England X15 v Scotland X15

CLICK HERE to see the full draw, and good luck to all our teams!

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