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The University National Touch Series is returning this October with a change of format to give more teams from across the country the opportunity to compete in a tournament closer to them. The Uni NTS has been one of England Touch’s flagship successes over the past five years, growing from a handful of teams to a truly nationwide competition with entrants coming from as far afi ...

The Elite Men’s and Women’s National Touch Series had the soggiest of starts in Sussex, so much so that two rounds of matches from the afternoon have had to be postponed until Round 2! While conditions in the morning had been promising, by the time the action tapped off the first drops of rain were falling in what would become the most biblical of torrential constant rainstorms ...

The Elite Men’s and Women’s National Touch Series rounds out the domestic club season this October, and the first of two events heads south on Saturday. Horsham RFC becomes the latest venue to join the NTS circuit, having hosted the South-East Touch Association already this year. Nine Men’s and nine Women’s teams will be in Sussex, with eight clubs entering teams into both comp ...

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