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New Regional Leads announced

The team of Regional Leads has been announced for the 2019 season.

The Leads will be responsible for:

  • Managing all high performance activities within a region
  • Devising the strategy, systems and tools required to get the best long-term performance goals for the region and England Touch
  • Driving the growth, reach and profile and elite touch within the region. This includes linking league franchises to the high performance setup
  • Raising and the standard and reduce the inconsistencies across regions
The leads will shortly be looking to fill other roles in the region:
  • Regional Manager
  • Regional Treasurer
  • Regional Junior/Open/Masters Lead
  • Relevant Coaching teams

Contact details are below:

North-East Raiders Lesley McCallion
North-West Blades Josh Bendel
Midlands Tigers Rob Budd
South-East Marnie Wills
South-West Saxons Martin Wright
West Wildcats Sam Powles and Amro Karim

Details for each region's trial process for the 2019 Touch Nationals will be announced by the respective lead.

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