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Team Ref for Touch World Cup 2024

For any event to be great it needs a group of outstanding match officials, and England Touch will be represented by 18 of the best referees in Nottingham between July 15 and 21.

England will have the third-biggest contingent of referees among the 19 nations who are being represented in the World Cup’s Team Ref. In all there are 193 referees, supported by 13 referee coaches and overseen by Federation of International Touch Referee Director, Ian Matthew.

Of England’s referees, 10 are Level 5 (the highest possible), with a further six holding Level 4 qualifications. They have been appointed based on their rankings at the 2022 and 2023 European Touch Championships, as well as the 2023 Atlantic Youth Touch Cup.

As with all of the teams who will be competing in Nottingham, the referees consider themselves part of a collective group as well. Nevertheless there are some fantastic personal achievements to recognise, such as:

  • Gareth Hinds being ranked #1 in Europe for two years running
  • Alice Watchorn being ranked as the #1 female referee in Europe for two years running
  • Jordi Bittloch top ranked at the 2023 Atlantic Youth Touch Cup
  • Kathy van de Rijt and Dan Harrison appointed to officiate the 2023 European Mixed Open final
  • Nicolas van de Rijt, Gareth Hinds and Alice Watchorn appointed to officiate the 2023 European Men’s Open final
  • Jordi Bittloch and Kevin Hobbs in the referee team officiating the 2023 European Women’s Open final

“I am incredibly proud of the 18 referees that we are sending Nottingham for the World Cup this year,” says England Touch National Referee Manager, Jack Harris. “This team gives a huge amount to the sport and love what they do.

“We have the added challenge of having to newly meet and work with a worldwide contingent of nearly 200 referees to facilitate the best games we can. It’s no mean feat but I have no doubt that they will smash it!”

The referees are:

Level 5 – Layo Aromire, Jordi Bittloch, Jack Harris, Dan Harrison, Gareth Hinds, Kevin Hobbs, Kathy van de Rijt, Nicolas van de Rijt, Bronwyn Wake, Alice ‘Scooby’ Watchorn

Level 4 – Mike Davis, Julian Edwards, Theo Edwards, Fergal Evans, Ollie Exton, Dom Shaw

Level 3 – Matt Emmerson, Chloe Spencer

The 2024 Touch World Cup takes over the University of Nottingham’s Highfields and Riverside Sports Complexes between July 15 and 21. Entry is free and all are welcome!

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