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England Touch announcement

The England Touch Association (ETA) would like to confirm that last year we ruled on a complaint regarding the use of unacceptable racial language at a European Federation of Touch (EFT) event in November 2022.

This was brought to our attention in the absence of a process with EFT. The ETA completed the process in April 2023, suspending the offending party's ETA membership and restricting them from participating in Touch in England indefinitely.

We also raised the issue with the Federation of International Touch (FIT), who have conducted their own process, subsequently banning the offending party from the game globally for 18 months, with a further suspended sentence of another 18 months.

The ETA would like to remind all our members and those participating in the game of Touch in England, that we take a zero tolerance stand against racism and any other form of discrimination in our sport.

We aim to empower our members to stand together against all forms of discrimination and encourage individuals to speak up and report inappropriate behaviour whenever it occurs. Your voice will be heard and appropriate action will be taken.

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