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England Touch recruiting for restructured Referee Committee

England Touch is now recruiting for a restructured Referee Management Team in 2019.

The structure has been adapted to meet the changing needs of Touch in England, with a particular emphasis on providing strong referee pools for the various National Touch Series events, supporting regional leads in developing referees in their areas, and liaising with international governing bodies such as the European Federation of Touch and International Federation of Touch.

As such a number of new roles have been created and revamped, including:

Referee Tournament Co-Ordinators

Regional Referee Co-Ordinators

International Referee Liaison

The Referee Management Team will continue to be overseen by the National Referee Manager, who will in turn be supported by an Assistant Manager, with these roles also open for applications.

Referee course management and communications will be included within the overall England Touch structure.

“There has been plenty of thought and discussion regarding the referee structure in England in response to the feedback that we received in 2018, and we believe that the new structure will be better suited to the needs of England Touch as a whole and referees as a community going forward,” said Chief Operating Officer Gregg Cropper.

“It is really important that there is harmony and a collective effort to achieve our ambitions, which is to grow Touch in England sustainably and successfully, and the new roles which have been created reflect this overall aim.

“We are concentrating on supporting our grassroots development at regional level, as well as seeking to make sure that all of our national tournaments have a large and engaged pool of referees.

“Furthermore, the National Referee Manager will be mentored by David Christophi, one of our Non-Executive Directors who has considerable experience in sports development, which is an exciting prospect.

“To have a great sport we need great officials, and this new-look Referee Management Team will underpin our development in this area.”

To apply for any of these roles email February 8th, 2019.

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