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2019 Seniors and Masters High Performance Training Squads announced

The Seniors and Masters squads have been named for the upcoming High Performance Training Squads.

The men and women chosen in the Women's 27s, Men's 30s, Mixed 30s, Women's 35s, Men's 35s, Men's 40s and Men's 45s squads will assemble at Bisham Abbey on the last weekend of September for the first of the training camps that will culminate in Kuala Lumpur next April for the Touch World Cup.

Congratulations to all of the players who have been chosen!

Women's 27s

Laura Balfour (CSSC), Niki Bird (Galaxy London), Louise Carr (Thames Valley Vikings), Georgia Clancy (Galaxy London), Fae Clerey (Hot Custard), Stacey Collins (Galaxy London), Jamie Cone (Cambridge), Emilie Eve (Cambridge), Katy Fielding (G:Force Guildfordians), Victoria Franks (Cambridge), Sue-Ellen Godde (Cambridge), Kate Hyde (Nottingham), Katherine Jones (Cambridge), Lois Lau (CSSC), Nicola Marsh (CSSC), Alexandra Maskell (Cambridge), Lucy Neal-Hooke (Thames Valley Vikings), Zoe Parish (Nottingham), Sammie Phillips (Thames Valley Vikings), Keisha Raymond Blyth (CSSC), Claire Rylance (Oxford), Lucy Snape (Nottingham), Claire Traynor (CSSC), Catriona Weir (Hot Custard), Marnie Wills (Galaxy London)

Men's 30s

Joshua Angell (Tumeke), Nathan Bourke (Galaxy London), Stuart Bussell (Galaxy London), Alastair Chadwick (Manchester Chargers), Jonathan Clark (Yorkshire Thorns), David Dernie (Nottingham), William Gillett (G:Force Guildfordians), Ashley Grimsey (Horsham Tigers), Matthew Harper (G:Force Guildfordians), Steve Holland (Bristol Fijians), Samuel Hubbard (O2 Wellesbourne), Phillip Jackson (Tumeke), Richard Jones (Nottingham), Rich King (CSSC), Alex Krikorian (St Albans), Liam Lawton (Chester Cheetahs), Marcus Leong (Tumeke), Jason Limerick (Thames Valley Vikings), George Miller (CSSC), Matthew Myerson, Colin Scott (CSSC), David Scribbins (Percy Park), William Simpson (CSSC), James Stewart (Norwich Rebels), Liam Sturt (Horsham Tigers), Jason Waddell (CSSC), Gareth Weaver (South London), Daniel Wines (CSSC)

Mixed 30s

Dougie Benzie (Galaxy London), Kara Buckley (Bournemouth), Alastair Chadwick (Manchester Chargers), Meghan Clayton (Wigan Touch Warriors), Gregg Cropper (Manchester Chargers), Adam Evans (Warwick), Cathi Farrer (Bournemouth), Christopher Finn (Bristol Fijians), Victoria Gaskell (Nottingham), Joseph Hartley (Oxford), Neil Hennigan (Yorkshire Thorns), Steve Holland (Bristol Fijians), Glenn Jones (Cambridge), Julia Kang (Nottingham), Mark Knight (Bareback Riders), James Large, Kate Mackay (CSSC), Lindsay Morrison (Galaxy London), Samantha Powles (Oxford), Nollaig Quinn (Manchester Chargers), Mike Roa (Galaxy London), Sarah Rosenburg (Bristol Fijians), Oliver Sills (Cheltenham), Tamara Slater (Cambridge), James Stewart (Norwich Rebels), Hana Suzuki (Cambridge), Pamela Teager (Chester Cheetahs), Catherine Thompson (Cambridge), Byron Tibbitts (Bristol Fijians), Jessica Wheway, Martin Wright (Bristol Fijians)

Men's 35s

Campbell Allen (Oxford), Andrew Beattie (Manchester Chargers), Nicholas Best (Bournemouth), Stuart Block (Green and Gold), Aaron Chan (CSSC), Daniel Connolly, Ruez Durrani (Galaxy London), Andrew Hammond (Oxford), Dean Hancock (Cambridge), Nick Heath (CSSC), James Herd (G:Force Guildfordians), Amro Karim (Oxford), Peter Lee (Galaxy London), Dan Lewis (Cambridge), Eil Lim (Green and Gold), James Mallick (Oxford), Adam Marks (Banbury), Zhayne New (Galaxy London), Richard Nienaber (Hot Custard), Allan Noble (Bristol Fijians), Christian Prinsloo (G:Force Guildfordians), Paul Smuts (G:Force Guildfordians), Chris Wall (CSSC)

Train-ons - Mike Davis (Northampton COYS), Isaac Fong (Bournemouth), Clement Garcia (Norwich Rebels), Mark Glendenning (Bristol Fijians), Chris Winn

Women's 35s

Sarah Bellew (Manchester Chargers), Amy Caiger (CSSC), Celestine Cheong (Hot Custard), Julia Cole (Thames Valley Vikings), Claire Davis (O2 Wellesbourne), Teresa Dean-Lee, Aimee Findlay (Percy Park), Joelene Hughes, Kylie Hutchison (London Scorpions), Vikki Jackson (CSSC), Benita Lee (Galaxy London), Rebecca Maxwell (CSSC), Lesley McCallion (Percy Park), Danielle Powley-Williams (Thames Valley Vikings), Margaret Rees-Smith (Nottingham), Lucy Richardson (Thames Valley Vikings), Louise Rickard (Cambridge), Leanne Simm (Manchester Chargers), Sharise Wilkinson (London Scorpions), Elizabeth Williamson (Green and Gold), Suzanne Wilson (Canterbury)

Men's 40s

Neil Appleton (CSSC), Alastair Barnes (Thames Valley Vikings), Alex Berger (Brighton and Hove), James Berkley (Green and Gold), Joshua Bingley (Norwich Rebels), Steven Cleary (Cambridge), Matthew Hall (Nottingham), Andy Higson (Nottingham), Neil Irving (CSSC), Travis Kenny (Cambridge), Derek Kyte, Nicholas Matenga (Galaxy London), Kingsley Maunder, David Merrill, Brett Milligan (Green and Gold), Andy Penniceard (CSSC), Soul Phoenix (Nomads), Ken Pollard (Nottingham), Brian Sibthorp (G:Force Guildfordians), Jeff Sue (Galaxy London), Philip Walton (G:Force Guildfordians), Richard Willan (Nottingham), Erik Williams (Galaxy London), David Williamson (Green and Gold), Shane Wilson (Bournemouth), Simon Witton (Green and Gold)

Men's 45s

Paul Ainscough (Percy Park), John Banks (Percy Park), James Barnett, Simon Cooper (Norwich Rebels), Neil Davis, Keith Dunleavy (Green and Gold), Mark Eliott (Horsham Tigers), Eddie French (Canterbury), Christian Garland (Green and Gold), Iain Grisewood, Stephen Guder, Lance Hetherington, Mark Hobson (Nottingham), Luke Hudson (Bristol Fijians), Mark Jensen (O2 Ross on Wye), Gene MacDonald (Cambridge), Steven Madden (Green and Gold), Paul Nolan (Halton Storm), Spencer Nye (Canterbury), Theo Oberholzer (South London), Jonnie Pinder (Yorkshire Thorns), Brian Prebble (Thames Valley Vikings), Ian Rowberry, Tim Shields (Manchester Chargers), Ian Spencer, Lee Thompson (Thames Valley Vikings), Andy Verney, Adrian Williams (Catterick), Julian Wilson (Percy Park)

England Touch is now seeking sponsorship and crowd funding to help ease the financial burden faced by players who want to represent their country in Malaysia, a trip that will cost several thousand pounds per player – Touch being a pay-to-play sport with staffing coming from dedicated volunteers – not to mention the regular High Performance Training Squad camps over the winter, too.

Crowdfunding donations are being taken at with everyone who contributes £100 having their name or message of support sublimated into the kit worn in the tournament.

Companies and individuals who would like to sponsor any of the England Touch teams, competitions or programmes are invited to email Gregg Cropper via for an informal discussion.

We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch