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Regional Hosting - Steeden DTS 2016

Regional Hosting - Steeden DTS 2016

England Touch Registered clubs are invited to host a regional Steeden DTS tournament in 2016 using the form linked.

With the feedback from the first season requesting a mix of local events, to support and promote a growing touch structure in the regions, as well as some larger “national” days, we wish to get as many options across the country for our clubs as possible.

The season starts at the end of February and runs until the final in September. There is plenty of opportunity to utilise the full season (but avoiding key dates in the calendar would help with recruitment of teams and referees).

The only way touch will continue to grow is a strong local game & opportunities. We hope that you might be able to provide a venue to support this (even if you are not necessarily involved at a DTS level).

Tournaments can be 4-16 clubs (or more if you are confident!). There is the opportunity to promote the events to non ETA registered clubs/groups but there will be a fee required for these entries, to support our insurance requirement. Unaffiliated clubs will not appear on the regional tables. Individuals do not need to be registered to ETA to play at a DTS level.

We wish to make things simple for clubs and we will have a menu of services with costs should you wish additional support. You will also have access to ETA medical personnel, referees and club contact details.

Hosting a Steeden DTS event would be a great way of promoting your club and as well as gaining experience of delivering a tournament for clubs it will also give your club members a great sense of pride in hosting.


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