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Disciplinary and Advisory Panel

Disciplinary and Advisory Panel

England Touch have formed a 'Disciplinary and Advisory Panel' for any future matters which might arise. Currently squads and teams are very player led often with a variety of behaviours, rules and activities which are non ETA sanctioned and often passing un-challenged.

To this end, we have put together a panel of senior England players / committee members, so that any serious issues can be resolved independently.

We are trying to move England Touch away from it’s traditional roots of being a group in which no-one answers to anyone.

Any decisions made by the panel about players, coaches, squads etc will be supported by ETA as a whole through the proper channels.

We will be formulating the disciplinary process formally and have a system in place for April when teams are selected.

The panel consists of:

  1. Caroline Evans-Jones
  2. Carly Heselwood
  3. Carle Skein
  4. Jeremy How
  • Technical Director (Paul Farrington) - Casting vote if required


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