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2013 FIT World Club Touch Tournament - USA

2013 FIT World Club Touch Tournament - USA

FIT is undertaking preliminary planning for the 2013 FIT World Club Touch Tournament to be delivered in the USA in October.

Hosted by Touch USA, supported by Disney, ESPN and Wide World of Sports, with a flexible package including accommodation, internal transport, etc that will be very reasonable.  The location is the Disney Sports Water Park which would be set up with 10 x Touch playing fields. The Disney Sports Group are seeking indicative numbers and FIT are seeking our (England Touch Clubs) response (without commitment) as to whether clubs from your country would likely participate – any how many?

Look here for more info on venue:

The Disney Group have a sliding scale with regards to facility cost and the number of participants. This is the matrix:

Packages SoldFacility Rental Fee
0 – 99$30,000+ Applicable Taxes
100 – 199$26,000+ Applicable Taxes
200 – 299$22,000+ Applicable Taxes
300 - 399$18,000+ Applicable Taxes
400 - 499$14,000+ Applicable Taxes
500 - 599$10,000+ Applicable Taxes
600 - 699$7,500+ Applicable Taxes

*Should the event attract 700 participants there would be no facility cost.

FIT will shortly develop a more comprehensive survey on the event, however they seek your urgent indication at this time – in the next few days – as to our potential support for such an event and whether you believe our club teams would be interested in participating.

Please comment below if your club would be interested.

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