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Malaysia 2013 International Club Challenge (June 7-9, 2013)

Malaysia 2013 International Club Challenge (June 7-9, 2013)

The first National Malaysian Development Tournament was staged at the Equestrian Park Putrajaya recently, involving 26 teams across 5 divisions, and not only unveiled Malaysian club Scorpion Putrajaya as a rising force in the game, but also highlighted Malaysia's potential as a world-class host of the sport.

With talks of the 2019 Touch World Cup set to be hosted by Malaysia rife within the local touch football fraternity, Federation of International Touch (FIT) secretary general Dennis Coffey gave more than a hint of his confidence in the country's hosting abilities.

With that success aside, Malaysian Touch now turns it's efforts towards the hosting of the 2013 International Club Challenge from FIT nations world wide.

The tournament will offer a prize money of AUS$10,000 for the champion winning teams and AUS$5,000 for the runner up teams in all categories.

The tournament is looking to attract many of the best Touch players in the world eager to be crowned International Club Champions and the winning prize money a genuine attraction.


Please note the deadline for submission of EOI is end September 2012.

The event will be FIT sanctioned and you are requested to distribute this information and promote the event amongst your affiliates. Should you need further information at this time please access the web site at: www.touchmalaysia.orgor contact Malaysian Touch at:


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