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Touch Tournament in Vienna (Mens and Womens, no mixed)

Touch Tournament in Vienna (Mens and Womens, no mixed)

Where: Vienna, Austria

When: Saturday 10 Sept

Format: Mens (5-8 teams) and Womens (5-8 teams expected)

Standard: Intermediate / development  

Cost: EUR25 per person (includes a meal, and light food during the day)

Games: Min 4, probably 5 in the day (24mins long)

Contact: Brett (

Half teams/squads would also be welcomed. I'm sure we could top it up or combine it with another.

In Austria, we always get support from our neighbours, but for development we are always looking for fresh faces to play against. A major goal is especially womens development and we will use this tournament as practice for the Euros in Italy next summer.

Photos from last tournament:

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