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Pollard appointed as European Championships Tournament Director

Pollard appointed as European Championships Tournament Director

Ken Pollard has accepted the role of Tournament Director for the 2018 European Touch Championships being held in Nottingham this Summer.

Pollard will work closely with Chief Operating Officer Gregg Cropper and Europe’s Events Director Kevin Hill in the period leading up to July’s event and will play an integral part of the Local Organising Committee (LOC).

Pollard, a former Development Director at England Touch, boasts plenty of local knowledge, having worked in the sports sector in Nottingham for a number of years as well as being an active member of Nottingham Touch Club.

“I am delighted to be acting as Tournament Director for these Championships and look forward to offering everyone who comes to the Euros a warm welcome in Nottingham,” he said.

“We are currently working hard to ensure that the event is a success and provides an unrivalled experience for everyone, including players, coaches, medical staff, volunteers and spectators.

“Touch has seen outstanding growth in England over the past years and these Championships provide an opportunity for us to showcase the best players from Europe and beyond and use this as a catalyst to inspire current and future players across the country.”

Cropper added: “Ken has already been integral to the event, as my co-author of the bid back in 2017, but more recently and importantly on the negotiations with local suppliers and venues to secure critical bookings, and I’m delighted that he’s accepted this position as Tournament Director.

“He has already had a significant impact on the delivery of the tournament, having led the development of an accommodation website to streamline the booking process for the athletes and staff from the 18 countries who are taking part.”

Cropper also said that England Touch is committed to putting on an outstanding event that can be a springboard for even more growth within the sport in the future.

“We believe in the whole experience and everything that makes it unique,” he commented, “from packing your boots to your returning home to bask in the enjoyment. We will be continuing to strive to improve the experience for participants; creating unforgettable memories, enabling everyone involved to share the enthusiasm and passion of our great sport.

“This event forms part of our bigger platform in reaching our vision: ‘To influence the development of Touch, to become England’s leading recreational activity’.

“As Ken mentioned, we will use this event as a springboard to drive participation in schools and inspiring the next generation to choose our sport.”

Sixty-six teams from 18 countries have confirmed their place at Nottingham 2018, and with four months to go around 20 volunteers from around the country have committed to join the event’s delivery team.

More plans are being put in place all the time, and the LOC is delighted to confirm that a number of pitches will have their matches live streamed online, complete with commentary.

Furthermore, the inaugural National Schools Touch Competition is planned to have its finals take centre stage during the four days, with a Corporate Touch Tournament being launched in partnership with Nottingham-based sports events company Perfect Motion.

To be a part of this special event sign up to be a member of the events delivery team at

Positions are available in areas such as media, tournament control, and field of play management.

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