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ETA Draft Pool for England Touch Nationals

ETA Draft Pool for England Touch Nationals

For the 2017 England Touch Nationals, players who are unable to be selected for their home regional side for any reason (selection, non attendance at trials etc) will be able to nominate into a central draft pool. The nomination form will be embedded on the ETA website.

This draft pool will open from 1st June until 10th August 2017 and will be publicly available on the website. Coaches from regions other than a players home region will be able to pick players according to the following criteria:

  1. Player is not deliberating trying to avoid playing for their home region.
  2. The side does not already have 3 draft players.
  3. The side is the first to request the player. This will be done on an end of day basis. So if two sides request a player on the same day the decision will be the players. If one side only requests that will be considered to be completed.
  4. All draft picks will be published on the ETA website.

The purpose is twofold

  1. To assist regions who have player number issues.
  2. To ensure players in stronger regions are given a chance to play and put themselves into selection for  2018 European Championships Squads. This is even more important due to it being a home event.

We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch