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England’s Men’s 45s Training Squad Finalised

England’s Men’s 45s Training Squad Finalised

Following a successful Masters tournament in London in late 2016 and a series of trials held across the country, England Touch would like to congratulate the players listed below who have been included in the 2017 England Men’s 45s training squad.

England Men’s 45s Training Squad

Paul Ainscough, James Barnett, Robert Byrne, Mark Carlyon, Gavin Crowley, Neil Davies, Eddie French, Iain Grisewood, Stephan Guder, Gerard Hargreaves, Lance Hetherington, Simon Ince, Mark Jensen, John Kearsley, Geoff Kempt, Ray Macfarlane, Steve Madden, Duncan Mascarenhas, Ian Moody, Paul Morris, Paul Nolan, Spencer Nye, Theo Oberholzer, Soul Phoenix, Salvatore Ponzio, Adrian Riggs, Anthony Riley, Ian Rowberry, Mark Scott, Tim Shields, John Tate, Steven Teasdale, Lee Thompson, Piula Tuiono, Andy Verney, Julian Wilson, Stuart Yorke-Brooks

Coach: Ian Moody

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