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Two possible Level 3 referee upgrade events in 2015

Two possible Level 3 referee upgrade events in 2015

Two possible Level 3 upgrade events in 2015

  1. England Touch Nationals - August 8th & 9th in Cambridge, England
  2. Junior Touch Championships - August 21st - 23rd in Nottingham, England.

Good news for Level 2 referees!

All referees (including referees from outside England) are invited to submit their expression of interest (EOI) via:

England Touch Nationals - Referee EOI

2015 is a World Cup year which means there is no European Championships, Home Nations or Mainland Cup will take place.  The European Referee Commission has settled on two events which Level 3 upgrades MAY be awarded to referees performing to the required competency level, subject to the overall strength and depth of game play standards.

Attendance at both of these events is not required - each will be treated separately.

It will not be possible to assess game play standards until matches can be observed live in progress - evaluation would likely be done over the entire first day and perhaps longer than this.  The  ERC cannot guarantee those standards however and thereforedoes not guarantee that Level 3 upgrades will actually be awarded through either event - but obviously it is hoped that everything will fall into place so that this will be possible.

The ERC is well aware of the potential risk that referees who attend and perform well at these events could be disappointed if it turns out that upgrades could/would not be awarded, however we believe it is better to (attempt to) allow for the possibility of this opportunity and to fall short of it rather than discover afterwards that an opportunity was missed.

The purpose of this is to provide transparency of approach and to allow each referee to make up their own mind whether or not they attend.  Referee are reminded that high quality coaching will be provided at both these events so as a minimum they will be excellent opportunities and skills development generally so as to increase the likelihood of achieving their upgrade at the next available opportunity.

Please feel welcome to contract the ERC if you have any questions or concerns: referees@toucheurope.orgAlternatively, please contact England Touch with any questions or concerns:


What next?

Submission of your expression of interest to referee at the England Touch Nationals in August 8th & 9th in Cambridge, please complete this form:  England Touch Nationals - Referee EOI

See you in August, in Cambridge for the England #TouchNationals.



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