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European Touch Championships 2014 round up

European Touch Championships 2014 round up

England brought 9 playing teams and a referees team to this Euros, the biggest we have ever done. That in itself is a huge achievement for the ETA, thanks to everyone that's been involved in getting us here.


Coach of the Tournament, Men's Open coach - Ben Smith


Most improved referee of the tournament - Aubrey Collins

Finals appointments:

Ian Syder (M40)

Matt Hobbs (M35)

Shelley Grace (WO)

Shane Hills (WO)

Nick Richardson (MO)

UpgradesLevel 3

Aubrey Collins

Gareth Hinds

Level 4

Uma Ramaswami

Nick Van de Rijt

Matt Hobbs

Ian Syder

Level 5

Shelly Grace

Nick Richardson

Shane Hills


Playing Squads

Our first ever Junior Team was entered this year, a great step forward in the development of the sport in England. 55 Touchdowns and won the pool round. Gained a SILVER MEDAL in a Final against Wales.

Top scorer - Ross Howard.


Men's 40.

Gained a SILVER MEDAL in a Final against Wales.

Top scorer - Jeff Bimson (12)

MVP - Damien Wood

Men's 35.

Quick Stat: Ran over Switzerland 14-1, beating their previous record set way back in 2004 (11-1 v Jersey).

Gaining a SILVER MEDAL in their Final against France

Top scorer - Bruce Kirby (15)

MVP - Bruce Kirby

Men's 30.

After coming 2nd in the M35 division, they played a 3 games series against Ireland's M30s. Coming away with a GOLD MEDAL.

Top scorer - Zhyane Nel (8)

MVP - Marcus Leong

Women's 27s.

Quick Stat: The team broke 2 records. Biggest win, with a 9-1 win over Wales. Then they broke it again with a 14-0 as they met Wales again.

Winning a GOLD MEDAL in their Final against France.

Top Scorer - Tanya Winson (11)

MVP - Lois Lau

Mixed 30.

Topped the group and gained a SILVER MEDAL against Scotland in their final.

Top scorer (7) Ollie Sills

MVP - Alice Watchorn


Women's Open.

Quick Stat: The squad matched the record they set in 2012 with a win margin of 16 with their 18-2 victory over France.

GOLD MEDAL with a 6-3 win in their final against Wales.

Top scorer - Zan Hudson (14)

MVP - Marnie Wills.

Men's Open.

Quick Stat: 2 new records set by winger Sam Jones, as he scored 9 against Hungary taking the most Touchdowns scored in any European Championships crown from Jeano who's record was 7 set in 2010.

Sam also took another record of most touchdowns at a single Euros event - surpassing a record set in 2008 by 10 with 37!

GOLD MEDAL with a 9-7 win in their final against Wales.

Top Scorer - Sam Jones (37)

MVP - Sam Jones

More info - Open.

Quick Stat: Bettered their own Touchdown record set in 2012 on the back of their 21-1 win over Catalonia.

SILVER MEDAL winners in their final against Scotland.

Top scorer - John Hood (23)

MVP - Benita Lee


10 months in planning.
9 playing teams. 
8 referee upgrades.
7 physios.
6 European records broken.
5 silver medals.
4 gold medals.
3 days of sun.
2 open grades won.
1 Team

Opens, Seniors and OVERALL CHAMPIONS! #TeamEngland you've done us proud!

[caption id="attachment_8625" align="aligncenter" width="498"] ETA President, Gregg Cropper, collecting the winners trophy.[/caption]


We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch