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Teams announced for 2017 Senior Touch Championships

Teams announced for 2017 Senior Touch Championships

The teams have been announced for the upcoming inaugural Senior Touch Championships.

Teams across several age groups will be heading to Edinburgh for the three-day tournament between June 16th and 18th.

W27 (2 squads)

Coach - Gary Lambert

Asst Coach - Marnie Wills

Laura Balfour (London Galaxy), Kara Buckley (Bournemouth), Louis Carr (Thames Valley Vikings), Kate Hyde (Nottingham), Kat Jones (Cambridge), Lois Lau (CSSC), Nicola Marsh (CSSC), Keisha Mclean (CSSC), Samantha Powles (Oxford), Elizabeth Sadler (Ipswich YM), Cat Thompson (Cambridge), Claire Traynor (CSSC), Suzanne Wilson (Canterbury)

Tracy Andrew (London Scorpions), Zoe Aubert (London Galaxy), Fae Clerey (Hot Custard), Melissa Day (London Galaxy), Emilie Eve (Cambridge), Vicki Franks (Cambridge), Rebecca Maxwell (CSSC), Zoe Parish (Nottingham/Hornets), Lucy Richardson (Thames Valley Vikings), Louise Rickard (Ipswich YM), Claire Rylance (Oxford), Tamara Slater (Cambridge), Lucy Snape (Nottingham), Jane Temple (Hot Custard)


Coach - Lesley McCallion

Lynn Astley Hampson (Orrell St James), Ceire Costello (London Galaxy), Teresa Dean Lee, Aimee Findlay (Percy Park Pirates), Kylie Hutchison (London Scorpions), Jenny Johnstone (Percy Park Pirates), Benita Lee (London Galaxy), Lesley McCallion (Percy Park Pirates), Kirsty Prior (Bristol Fijians), Leanne Simm (Manchester Chargers), Claire Smedley (Chester Cheetahs), Kirstie Sneyd (Chester Cheetahs), Julie Walker (Manchester Chargers), Renee Watson (Oxford), Sharise Wilkinson (London Scorpions), Tanya Winson (London Scorpions)


Coach - Martin Wright

Gregg Cropper (Manchester), Cathi Farrer (Bournemouth), Chris Finn (Bristol Fijians), Joe Hartley (Oxford), Joelene Hughes (Oxford), Julia Kang (Nottingham), Mark Knight (Manchester), Nollaig Quinn (Manchester), Mike Roa (London Galaxy), Sarah Rosenburg (Bristol Fijians), Ollie Sills (Cheltenham), Byron Tibbitts (Bristol Fijians), Shane Weston (CSSC), Martin Wright (Bristol Fijians)


Coach - Nathan Bourke

Asst Coach – Thomas Devereaux

Team Manager – Pippa Bourke

Stephen Barry (Tumeke), Andrew Beattie (Manchester Chargers), Edward Budge (CSSC), Stuart Bussell (London Galaxy), Dean Hancock (Cambridge), Matt Harper (Guildfordians), James Herd (Guildfordians),  Steve Holland (Bristol Fijians), Neill Hunt (Thames Valley Vikings), Matthew Johnson (Manchester Chargers), Glenn Jones (Cambridge), Richard King (CSSC), Liam Lawson (Chester Cheetahs), Colin Scott (CSSC), Jason Waddell (CSSC), Daniel Wines (CSSC)

Train On

Ben Habgood (Guildfordians)


Coach - Jason Logan

Alastair Barnes (Thames Valley Vikings), Nick Best (Bournemouth), Doug Benzie (London Galaxy), Semisi Cocker (Tumeke), Dan Connolly (Bournemouth), Ruez Durrani (London Galaxy), Paul Farrel (Manchester/Cumbria), Matt Hall (Nottingham), Alan Hubbleday (Exeter), Matt Mahoney (Exeter), Christian Prinsloo (Guildford), Will Roberts (Bournemouth), Jeff Sue (London Galaxy), James Thurston (Tumeke), Chris Wall (CSSC), Erik Williams (London Galaxy)


Coach - Keith Dunleavy

Neil Appleton (CSSC), James Berkley (London Galaxy), Rob Bowden (Manchester Chargers), Keith Dunleavy (Green and Gold), Christian Garland (Green and Gold), Lance Hetherington (Cumbria Lakers), Nathan Joyce (South-West Saxons), Derek Kyte (Droitwich Touch), Jon Lovell (Cambridge), Miles Mackinnon (Canterbury), Brett Milligan (Green and Gold), Richard Postlethwaite (Cumbria Lakers), Dave Williamson (Green and Gold), Shane Wilson (Southern Suns), Simon Witton (Green and Gold)


Coach - Ian Moody

Paul Ainscough (Percy Park Pirates), James Barnett, Robert Byrne (Wigan Touch Warriors), Neil Davies (Wymondham O2), Iain Grisewood (Wymondham O2), Mark Jensen, Ian Moody (Percy Park Pirates), Spencer Nye (Canterbury), Theo Oberholzer, Soul Phoenix (Nomads), Mark Scott (Wymondham O2), Tim Shields (Manchester Chargers), Lee Thompson (Thames Valley Vikings), Piula Tuiono (Widnes), Andy Verney (Wymondham O2), Julian Wilson (Percy Park Pirates)

We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch