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Junior Touch Championships 2015

The 22nd of August 2015 was to mark an historic moment in European Touch as youngsters gathered from across 7 Nations to represent their country and take part in the first stand alone Junior Touch Championships and we were honoured to be able to host this in Nottingham, England.

It started as a vision, a discussion between two gentlemen, Matt Reid and Kevin Hobbs, keen to see their love of our great game expand in to the younger generations. A tournament to raise the profile of the sport and highlight the development, talent and potential of these children. This vision certainly became a reality for Reid and Hobbs and a dream come true for all of those players involved, as the first whistle signalled the start of play on day one.

The tournament included the Mixed U18s who, for some, had tasted the magnitude of a European event as they graced the fields of Swansea in 2014. Teams from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and the Middle East were ready to battle for the 2015 JTC crown.
But for the U18 Boys division from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and Girls division from England, Wales, Ireland and a team grouped from European, this was to be their first international experience and undoubtedly the proudest moment of their young lives as they began an exciting journey through their touch careers. A huge step for some as they left families behind for the first time.


Full results listing, including scorers can be found on the following link -


Girls U18s

Silver medals for the Girls U18s Lions team. Wales took the top spot, beating the England Lions 3-1 in finals.



Boys U18s

The boys were valiant runners up in a 5-2 victory for Wales, over the England Lions boys.


Mixed U18s

Another England v Wales final, the England team came away with silver medals as Wales won 6-2, making it a clean sweep for the Welsh.

Top Scorer

Congratulations to Adam Bailey from England, topping the table with 11 Touchdowns over the weekend.


Well done to the following players, who were voted MVPs from their coaching staff.


Slide179Adam Bailey

Abbey Gould

Jack McHugh




European Select

Slide182Sadie Ruellan






Slide185Louis Bougrat






Slide183Sally Dawson

Andrew Mays

James O'Donnell




Middle EastCatherine RichardsSlide181






Slide184Angus Wood

Jack Pennell






Slide180Steffan Prytherch

Megan Webb

Daniel Messer




Charity Donations

A big thank you to all participants, manager, referees and parents that gave an amazing £171.44 to the Willow foundation. They are dedicated to bringing special days to the seriously ill who are between the ages 16 and 40 years of age and live in the United Kingdom.

Hobbs-Reid Cup

Slide142.1We were very proud and privileged to announce that the inaugural “Reid-Hobbs Cup” was to be presented at the end of the tournament and that this will hopefully set the precedent for many years to come.  This prestigious trophy was awarded based on the team that lead by example and signified the spirit of the game, fair play, team work and all of the values we are trying to instil in the youth of our growing sport.

This was judged by a panel, and the winners of Cup were the European Select girls team. A huge well done to the players, who came together and played their hearts out. Thanks to Mark Knight from Jersey Touch, for taking on the coaching role too, a great job in such a small space of time.



Firstly, to the England Touch committee. We're a small group of volunteers who spend immeasurable hours dedicated to the development and running of the sport that both we and you all love.

Secondly, to those contributory in ensuring the hosting of this tournament was in England. Months of planning entailed to pull this spectacular event together.

Slide186Ken Pollard (England Touch Development Director) and Kevin Hill (England Touch Events Director), who have been instrumental in ensuring the event ran smoothly, even booking the most welcomed glorious August sunshine that saw temperatures soar (We are still investigating who ordered the rain just in time for finals!).

Thanks also must go to Gregg Cropper (England Touch President) for his continued input in to England Touch, the magnitude of his work in the build up to this event, and the fire-fighting done over the weekend.

To the 20+ strong referee team who assembled for the tournament, some travelling long distances, as far as South Africa to be in attendance.

And as always the England medical team who were there on hand all weekend to ensure the health and well-being of all the young athletes competing.

We are grateful to Nottingham University for their excellent facility and the ground staff who did a tremendous job of preparing the pitches ready for our stage.

To our sponsors and partners Belief Sports, SPORTTAPE and Steeden who have been a huge support to the ETA over the whole season.
Belief Sporttape Steeden
Thanks also to those who helped behind the scenes, setting up, packing down, taking photos and social media updating, and contributed their time to ensure the weekend ran smoothly, namely Julia Kang, Julie Walker and Neil Brimelow.

What an experience

So as the sun set and the flags came down, we can reflect on the success of the JTC2015.
The standard of play at the first event of this kind has been admirably high. The teams played with real maturity despite their tender age and the execution of skills was as good as their elders.
It was wonderful to see so many Parents and supporters come to cheer the teams on. The pitches were buzzing and alive with excitement and the proud-ness filled the air!JTC Family area
This has set a real precedent for the future. It has created an exciting pathway for the juniors of the Touch world and will surely strengthen the depth and level of all ages of our game.
All credit to the months of preparation and dedicated hours from the coaches and support staff who ensured that their players were ready for the international stage. We look forward to the next JTC already and hope that now our even younger generation of players have something to aspire to.

These memories will last forever and give the players the hunger and desire to do it again and again. For the youngsters, this is hopefully the beginning of a long incredible journey in the sport and we can guarantee you will have met incredible people who will become your lifelong friends through playing the sport so far...



We are England Touch

We are the players. We are the supporters, willing us on. We are the medals, waiting to be won. We are the touchdowns, waiting to be scored. We are the men and women of all ages. We are the talent of today. We are the potential for tomorrow. We are one team. We are England Touch