Masters High Performance Training Squads announced

The High Performance Training Squads for Men’s Masters and Women’s 35s have been announced.

This has been another big year for Touch in England in these age groups, which competed in their first ever dedicated Ryvita Touch Nationals event in Droitwich at the start of October.

Both groups will shortly begin their preparations for the 2018 European Touch Championships, which are being held in Nottingham next July.

Congratulations to all of those players who have been chosen!


Allen, Campbell (Oxford)
Appleton, Neil (CSSC)
Barnes, Alastair (Thames Valley Vikings)
Beattie, Andrew (Manchester Chargers)
Berger, Alex (Horsham Tigers)
Berkley, James (Galaxy London)
Best, Nicholas (Bournemouth Titans)
Biddle, Richard (O2 – Wellesbourne)
Bimson, Jeffrey (Wigan Warriors)
Bingley, Joshua (Norwich Rebels)
Bowden, Rob (Manchester Chargers)
Boyd, Marc (Canterbury)
Bright, Dale (Green and Gold)
Broadhead, Darron (Crewe and Nantwich)
Careswell, Terry (Hit N Run)
Chan, Aaron (CSSC)
Cocker, Semisi (Hit N Run)
Connolly, Daniel
Dias, Jose Luis (Thames Valley Vikings)
Dickson, Ben (Hot Custard)
Drake, Cameron (Peterborough)
Dunleavy, Keith (Green and Gold)
Durrani, Ruez (Galaxy London)
Dyer, Daniel (Canterbury)
Emmerson, Matthew (Cambridge)
Farrell, Paul (Manchester Chargers)
Fraser, Wesley (Open University)
Garland, Christian (Green and Gold)
Graham, Richard (Chester Cheetahs)
Hall, Matthew (Nottingham)
Hammond, Andrew (Oxford)
Hannaford, Garth (Bristol Fijians)
Harriott, Darren (Warwick)
Heath, Nicholas (CSSC)
Higson, Andy (Nottingham)
Holt, Stuart
Hubbleday, Alan
Hunt, Neill (Thames Valley Vikings)
Irving, Neil (CSSC)
Joyce, Nathan (Bristol Fijians)
Kenny, Travis (Cambridge)
Kirby, Bruce (Bristol Fijians)
Logan, Jason (Galaxy London)
Lovell, Jonathan (Cambridge)
MacDonald, Gene (Cambridge)
Mahoney, Matt
Mallick, James (Oxford)
Maunder, Kingsley
Merrill, David
Milligan, Brett (Green and Gold)
Moy, Graham (Nottingham)
Nel, Zhayne (Galaxy London)
Nienaber, Richard (Hot Custard)
Noble, Allan (Bristol Fijians)
Penniceard, Andy (CSSC)
Perera, Jonathan (O2 – Cheltenham)
Phoenix, Soul (Nomads)
Prebble, Brian (Thames Valley Vikings)
Prinsloo, Christian (Guildfordians (G:Force Touch))
Sibthorp, Brian (Guildfordians (G:Force Touch))
Smith, Robert (Lincoln Touch Club)
Sue, Jeff (Galaxy London)
TenBroeke, Felix (Thames Valley Vikings)
Terry, Simon (Guildfordians (G:Force Touch))
Tubio, Robustiano
Wall, Christopher (CSSC)
Willan, Richard (Nottingham)
Williams, Erik (Galaxy London)
Williamson, David (Green and Gold)
Wilson, Shane (Bournemouth Touch Centre)
Witton, Simon Paul John (Green and Gold)

Also selected in senior squads.

Benzie, Douglas (Galaxy London)
Geracitano, Gino (Bristol Fijians)
Hartley, Joseph (Oxford)
Humphreys, Tom (Canterbury)
Knight, Mark (Manchester Chargers)
Lawton, Liam (Chester Cheetahs)
Perry, Gareth (Bournemouth Titans)
Roa, Michael (Galaxy London)



Appleton, Gabrielle (CSSC)
Bellew, Sarah (Manchester Chargers)
Blakemore, Naomi (Bristol Fijians)
Caiger, Amy (Galaxy London)
Chalmers, Katy (Bristol Fijians)
Cole, Julia (Thames Valley Vikings)
Davis, Claire (Warwick)
Day, Melissa (Galaxy London)
Dean-Lee, Teresa (Nottingham)
Dobson, Andrea (CSSC)
Dolan, Joanne
Findlay, Aimee (Percy Park)
Gilding, Sian (Crewe and Nantwich)
Grenville-Jones, Amanda (Oxford)
Hollywood, Amelia (Guildfordians (G:Force Touch))
Jackson, Vikki (Galaxy London)
Jones, Olivia
Jones, Victoria (Chester Cheetahs)
Lewin, Ellen (Chester Cheetahs)
Maxwell, Rebecca (CSSC)
McCallion, Lesley (Percy Park)
Powley-WIlliams, Danielle (Thames Valley Vikings)
Rees-Smith, Margaret (Silhillians RFC)
Ross, Polly (O2 – Farnham Saxons)
Ryall, Emily (O2 – Cheltenham)
Simm, Leanne (Manchester Chargers)
Smedley, Claire (Chester Cheetahs)
Tarr, Rachel (O2 – Minchinhampton)
Thompson-O’Dowd, Emma (Silhillians RFC)
Watson, Renee (Oxford)


Note: Men’s 45s and 50s will be announced shortly.