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Lesson Plans and Resources

England Touch's schools team has put together a six-week lesson plan which introduces young people to Touch in a structured and fun way.

The above videos were filmed in conjunction with In2Touch Thames Valley Kids Camps, and with consent of parents

Lesson 1 Ball familiarisation, basic rules and conditioned games

Lesson 2 Passing backwards, development of rules in attack and defence

Lesson 3 To progress skills into a conditioned game of Touch

Lesson 4 To initiate a technical roll ball and understand the idea of a three-person drive

Lesson 5 To understand the main rules in Touch and apply them to a conditioned game through playing and refereeing

Lesson 6 To apply all learnt rules, skills and tactics in a game of Touch

These lessons can be delivered by teachers or coaches.

There are further continuing professional development sessions available to give teachers the skills they need to coach, and to train young people and teachers alike to become referees.

CLICK HERE to download the lesson plans
CLICK HERE to download a referee pocket guide
CLICK HERE to download a jargon-busting guide to Touch

We are England Touch

Some space. A ball. Your mates. A game
Your team. A competition. Maybe a trophy or two
Work hard. Develop skills. Get selected. Represent your nation
Volunteer time. Pick up a whistle. Make a difference
This is England Touch. Pick up a ball and play!