Women in Touch

“Having played Netball and Hockey at school and university I came to Touch in my early working years and couldn’t believe what I had been missing!”

The combination of skills, fitness and the social aspects makes Touch (in my opinion) the ultimate game for women! The current national teams have players who participated in rugby union, rugby league, netball, athletics, gymnastics, Taekwondo, Ultimate Frisbee, football you name it they are all there.  And some players haven’t played much sport at all but were looking for a social way to keep fit.

The key physical aspects of Touch are that it is a minimal contact sport with emphasis on running, speed, agility and skills.  There is no tackling, rucking, mauls, lineouts or kicking. If you have been injured, are tired of getting injured or not really interested in contact sports then Touch is for you. It is a high intensity sport and is great for fitness. While rugby players can transition very well into Touch you certainly don’t have to have held a rugby ball to learn how to play.

Socially, Touch is a fantastic sport. It is really one of the only sports where men and women compete together in International teams. A Mixed team is only as good as its women and women players are therefore highly valued! There is opportunity to play both Women’s and Mixed Touch. In most clubs the men and women train together, creating a fantastic social environment.

The majority of Touch in England is based around social leagues and is not serious at all. Almost all the clubs and leagues have fantastic opportunities for absolute beginners to learn and play. England Touch puts on regular tournaments around the country giving the social and competitive teams opportunity to go on Tour! There are also a number of fantastic Tournaments in Europe such as Paris and Valencia. While the opportunities for social Touch are large the opportunity for great competitive sport is also right there with the National Touch Series, Super Leagues and national selections every year.

Do you want to play a sociable, fun sport? Do you want to get fit without even realising it? Do you want to meet lots of like minded people? Do you want to play competitive sport and possibly represent your country? Yes to any of these and Touch is your sport get playing!

Please look at the ‘Where to Play‘ section for leagues and clubs in your area. England Touch can also send out a team of highly qualified coaches to do Taster days.

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