Code of Behaviour

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Code of Behaviour

UTS Rules and Code of Conduct

The University Touch Series has been created to provide a competitive environment for University Touch teams to compete against one another and develop the respective clubs, as well as to provide a stepping stone into further England Touch Series (CTS, DTS, NTS).

With this in mind we will be following the standard England Touch rules, but with a few caveats:

1. Tournament specific changes. The host University for each tournament can introduce rules after consultation with England Touch if this is deemed necessary by the University Touch Team and higher board members. This will only be in exceptional circumstances (i.e a car has broken down on the way to a tournament and therefore a consistent gender split cannot be maintained on the pitch by a particular team). The reasoning behind this is that while we strive to provide a competitive environment at each tournament, we also want to maintain a friendly atmosphere at each tournament in order to grow the sport amongst university’s. Any of these changes will be passed on to competing teams as soon as possible, and any issues persisting from such changes can be taken up with the University Touch representative on the day of the tournament.

2. Eligibility. All players for a particular University MUST be fully registered with the university. This can extend to Masters and PhD students, as well as student council/University Student Union members, if they are registered as student with the university still. On all registration forms a university ID number will be required in order to ensure that this rule is maintained. The reasoning behind this is that we are trying to grow the game as much as possible and encourages university’s to coach and upskill members, rather than bringing in players from outside of the university. This is for UTS tournaments only and will not extend to friendly fixtures nor training.

3. England Touch Registration. All competing Universities must ensure they have registered their club with England Touch and paid their membership fee for the year. This is a reduced rate of £80, and the benefits can be found here. This payment is required before the first tournament date. If a University has not registered they will not be permitted to compete in the tournament.

In the event that any of the above caveats, or any further England Touch rules, are breached a fine of half points will be incurred for that particular tournament.

On the occurrence of a second breach of ruling (either the same breach, or that of a different rule) the team infringing will receive no points for the tournament in question.

Mitigation must be applied for before the tournament commences, or upon commencement of the infringement.

As the university touch team the very last thing we want is to have to enforce any fines or punishment on teams. To ensure that the series runs smoothly and successful please ensure that your club does adhere to the rules.