There is a three step registration process.

  1. Register the team using the online registration form. Login to club account and select ‘Events’ at top of screen.
  2. Make payment to secure your place. An early bird discount will be apply to all payments made up to 4 weeks ahead of the tournament date. Standard payment deadline is 2 weeks before each tournament. Entry is not secured until payment has been received.
  3. Register your team using the online registration form. Links to the player registration form will be sent out by email once the team has completed the online registration. As well as club requirements to affiliate to England Touch, ALL players must be individually registered. Details can be found
  • Fixtures, results and tables will all be displayed online
  • Each Elite and Men’s Women’s team will be required to nominate one full-time referee per tournament. The full-time team referee must be nominated at the time of registration for registration to be complete and a place guaranteed.


  • All clubs must have a zero balance owing to England Touch to be eligible to enter. All outstanding payment must be paid, in full, prior to the entry fee deadline of event 1.
  • All players must have a zero balance owing to England Touch to be eligible to play. All outstanding payment must be paid, in full, prior to the entry fee deadline of each event.
  • Abuse of any kind, on or off the pitch, will not be tolerated. Any player/team found guilty of “abuse” may be banned from entering one or more competitions and/or teams may be deducted points. A full review / judiciary process will be followed in all instances.

Player Eligibility

  • All players must be 14 years old or older. Anyone below 14 years wishing to play must contact the ETA at the time of registration. Eligibility will be decided at England Touch’s discretion on a case by case basis
  • All players must be registered England Touch members
  • All players MUST be registered online via the team portal
  • Development National Touch Series Teams will be restricted to maximum 2 Elite or International players (i.e. players who have played in any of the 2018 Elite National Touch Series events). This can be discussed on a case by case basis if it will detriment your team to a point of not being able to enter.

Declaration of Squad

  • Clubs can be register an unlimited number of players into their Elite NTS squads. However, the maximum number of team players that can be selected to compete at any one tournament team is 16, with no more than 14 players making up a Team per match
  • Teams must be ‘selected’ and confirmed online prior to each event. The deadline for team selection is the 5 days prior to game day to allow full tournament documents and the website to be updated and distributed. After this deadline it is at the discretion of England Touch to allow a team to register players. A £50 administration fee will be incurred for all late registrations
  • Minor amendments to the team list (such as shirt number changes) can be made during tournament registration prior to the first game. This does NOT include players being added to the team lists
  • No team should have two players wearing the same playing number, including male/female players. Players will be asked to change playing tops to a unique number or sit out the remainder of the match/day
  • All teams should have matching kit. If players of the same team have different shirt styles/colours authorisation must be sought from the opposition team captain as well as the game referee
  • Failure to complete the online player registration or any errors/inaccurate information on the form could result in any Series points gained being forfeited. This will be retrospectively administered if an error is found post event
  • If any team is found guilty of using more than 14 players in a match / 16 players in a squad, and/or an unregistered, or illegal player, they will forfeit all games up until the matter had been investigated and resolved. If the issue is highlighted post event, the maximum penalty will be the forfeiting of any Series points gained. There will be also be an administrative fine of no less than £50 for any infraction of player rules, transfers and loans to cover the administration of settling the matter charged to the club

Player Transfer

  • Players registered to a club that has more than one Elite squad can move freely between Elite squads without any loan or transfer issue. However they must have played for the selected Finals squad in the previous rounds to be eligible.
  • A player can transfer from one Elite squad to another Elite squad permanently. An individual would only be allowed one change of team per season. A payment to England Touch of £20 is required to be made by the transfer receiving club to cover administration costs arising

Referee Nomination

  • Each team will be required to nominate one full-time referee per Elite and Men’s and Women’s tournament. The full-time team referee must be nominated at the time of registration. Depending on the number of full-time referees a club may be asked to provide a player referee during a tournament.
  • Failure to nominate a full-time referee will result in an incomplete registration. Entry will not be secured unless a full-time referee has been nominated.
  • All full-time referees are strongly encouraged to wear England Touch referee kit. This will be available online prior to the event.
  • Each team should ensure their players have the relevant skills and knowledge to do justice and player referees should ideally all be minimum Level 1 referees. Clubs without any qualified referees should contact the the referee course coordinator to arrange for a referee course to be held for the benefit of their players – contact to enquire about this.