Sporttape CTS Rules

Sporttape CTS Rules

Team Administration

  • As well as club requirements to affiliate to ETA ALL players must be individually registered. Details can be found
  • All teams will administer their team line up online via a team management portal.
  • Squad lists, fixtures, results, tables and player stats will all be displayed online.
  • Each administrator will be provided with a guide to explain the system.


  • All CTS franchises must compete in all three rounds and the finals weekend. Failure to do so will mean the loss of their CTS franchise for the following season and loss of any fees.
  • If a team cannot field a ‘legal’ side at an event due to injuries or unavailability, they can still compete, but would not be eligible for any series points. This would mean they would not lose their CTS franchise for the following year (unless relegated in the usual way). Note: England Touch must be notified at least 1 week prior to the event if this is going to be the case.
  • All clubs must have a zero balance owing to the ETA to be eligible to enter CTS. All outstanding payment must be paid, in full, prior to the entry fee deadline of event 1.

Declaration of Squad

  • All players MUST be registered on line via the team portal
  • Squad size – Online registered CTS squads can be made up of an unlimited number of players, however, the maximum number of Squad players that can be selected to compete at any one tournament team is 16, with no more than 14 players making up a Team per match.
  • Teams must be ‘selected’ and confirmed online prior to each event. The cut-off point for team selection is the Wednesday evening prior, to allow full tournament documents and the website to be updated and distributed.
  • A registration sheet/disclaimer form will be printed off and will be provided to the team captain at the CTS event registration. Player numbers should be pre allocated, which will aid the event management/results but can also be updated prior to the first match.
  • All Team registration sheets/disclaimers are to be signed by all team members and returned to Tournament Control by no later than the commencement of your team’s first game. No player is to take the field until they have signed the registration sheet/disclaimer. Teams found breaching this condition of entry will automatically forfeit all games already played until this process is completed. There will be a system in place at each tournament to allow any latecomers to individually sign when they arrive before they take their place on the field.
  • Minor amendments (ie number changes) to the team list can be made during tournament registration prior to the first game. This does NOT include players being added to the team lists.
  • You must ensure that player numbers are correctly allocated.
  • No team should have two players wearing the same playing number, including male/female players. Penalty of which includes the loss of 5 tournament points. Players will be asked to change playing tops to a unique number or sit out the remainder of the match/day.
  • Failure to complete the form, or any errors/inaccurate information on the form could result in any Series points gained being forfeited. This will be retrospectively administered if an error is found post event.
  • If any team is found guilty of using more than 14 players in a match / 16 players in a squad, and/or an unregistered, or illegal player, they will forfeit all games up until the matter had been investigated and resolved. If the issue is highlighted post event, the maximum penalty will be the forfeiting of any Series points gained. There will be also be an administrative fine of no less than £50 for any infraction of player rules, transfers and loans to cover the administration of settling the matter charged to the club.