Regional Development

Regional Development

England Touch are striving to develop the sport across the country, via a network of Touch Development Officers (TDO), who work within their local areas to develop our sport.

If you would like one of a newly appointed TDO’s to come and run a session for you, please contact to make the necessary arrangements.

These development sessions can range from a basic introduction to the game to developing more advanced skills and incorporating these in your game play.

The cost for a session will be:

  • £5pp if 1-12 people attend
  • £4pp if 13-20 people attend
  • £3pp if 21-30 people attend
  • £2pp if more than 30 people attend.

Please note, there will be a minimum charge.

A minimum of 3 weeks’ notice must be given and all sessions are dependent on the availability of our volunteer coaches.

If you are interested in hosting one of these sessions, please complete this form:


Touch Development Officers (TDO)