Nicolas.jpgNational Referee Manager 
Nicolas Van de Rijt

Nicolas discovered the sport in 2010, when living in Gif sur Yvette, near Paris. He quickly picked up a whistle to have a go at refereeing, and noticed he quite enjoyed it. After obtaining his Level 2 badge just 5 months after having started, it became clear that refereeing would be his chosen path, rather than playing.

After moving to London in 2012, he became in 2013 a L1 referee coach, a L2 referee course presenter and the ETA referee courses coordinator. In 2016, Nicolas became a National Referee Manager and obtained his Level 5 badge.

Nicolas works as an actuary at AIG.

Stephen.jpgTournaments and Regional Managers Coordinator
Stephen Dubreuil

Stephen started playing ‘rugby touch’ at his local club in 1995 in Canada.  Unlimited players, no referee, gumshield in and a flagrant disregard for FIT rules.  After relocating to Bristol in 2007 and starting to play social touch in the local league Stephen took the L1 course 2008 and started refereeing at local league and NTS.  Enjoying refereeing at higher level than his playing ability allowed, he quickly became a full-time referee and attended his first Euros in Bristol in 2010.

Stephen’s role will be to organise referees for ETA tournaments and to liaise with the Regional Referee Managers to co-ordinate the development of referees in all of the ETA regions.  Please contact Stephen at if you would like to attend an ETA event as a full-time referee, or would like to know more about refereeing in your region.

Stephen funds his addiction for whistleering by inspecting bridges for South Gloucestershire Council.

Mike.jpgReferee Courses Coordinator
Mike Green

Mike started playing at Loughborough University in 2013, before joining Nottingham Touch Club in 2014, where he was encouraged to help referee. Not liking it at the time, he decided to get better and went on to complete a Level 1 course.

Since then, he has moved away from playing to focus on developing his refereeing skills. He has helped others at Nottingham, taking on the role as their Referee Development Officer, whilst also continuing to help at Loughborough.

Mike achieved his Level 3 badge at the 2016 Euros and at the end of that year joined the ETA Referee Sub-Committee in the role of Referee Course Coordinator.

His day job is a Police Officer for Leicestershire Police, which he has been doing since 2001.

Please contact Mike at if you would like to attend or can host a course.

Genevieve.jpgReferee Media and Communications Coordinator
Genevieve Mitchell

Genevieve started playing Touch in 2011 and, after being talked into attending the L1 ref course in 2012, became one of her club’s most enthusiastic player-refs. Enjoying holding the whistle more and more, in 2016 she decided to give it a go and commit to a season of full-time reffing. She quickly found her place in #TeamRef, and achieved her L2 upgrade at the Junior Touch Championships in Arnhem.

In 2016 she was appointed to the ETA Referee Sub-Committee as Media and Communications Coordinator. Contact Gen at with any questions about comms (from ‘can you put this in the newsletter?’ to ‘will you please stop using hashtags?’*).

To subsidise her international tournament habit, she works in sport policy at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.