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NTS and CTS venues announced

NTS and CTS venues announced

Full details of this year's National Touch Series venues  and the new Challenge Touch Series, have been announced today.

Thsi year is the first where the national league will be split in two - with the top 16 teams from last year's National Touch Series battling it out in the NTS, while the new CTS is introduced to allow new and developing sides the chance for close competition, and possible promotion to the NTS.


NTS 1, May 12, Nottingham
NTS 2, June 9,  Oxford
NTS 3, June 30,  London
NTS 4, July 14,  Bristol
Finals, July 28, Lilleshall
More info will be sent out directly to the NTS Teams shortly.

Teams eligible for NTS 2012:

  1. Bareback Riders
  2. Bristol Fijians
  3. Cardiff Raptors
  4. Cambridge Hornets
  5. Coast to Coast Custard
  6. Durka Touch
  7. Galaxy II
  8. Hot Custard
  9. London Galaxy
  10. London Scorpions
  11. Manchester Chargers
  12. Nottingham Touch
  13. Oxford Touch
  14. Phoenix Touch
  15. Statue Bro
  16. Thames Valley Vikings


CTS 1, April 14, Thames Valley
CTS 2, May 19,  Newcastle
CTS 3, June 16, Cambridge
CTS 4, July 7, Nottingham
Finals, July 28, Lilleshall
CTS opening/entry info will also be communicated VERY shortly!
If you have any questions relating to the NTS or CTS please contact

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