Insurance FAQs

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Insurance FAQs

Who needs insurance and why?

All members of England Touch. Insurance provides Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover up to £5 million. Public Liability insurance covers you for third party injury or damage to property. Professional Indemnity insurance protects you from legal action following advice given.

Who is covered?

England Touch Association, ETA Board Members and Directors, ETA Coaches and Officials, and members of England Touch paying a membership fee. These members include individuals (Player, Coach, Referee, Medical, Combined, and One-off categories), Clubs, Leagues, and Events resident or domiciled in the United Kingdom. Individuals with Overseas membership and Clubs with only O2 Touch Club membership are excluded.  Individuals with Coach and/or Referee and/or Medical memberships are only covered if they have an England Touch recognised qualification.

What is the basic cover and what are its limitations?

a) Public Liability

  • Indemnity for third party bodily injury and third party property damage
  • Legal advisor fees and court costs involved in defending claims
  • Legal costs and expenses incurred in the defence of criminal proceedings

b) Professional Indemnity

  • Indemnity for compensation sought following negligent act, error or omission in respect of advice or services provided for which you have received a fee
  • Libel, slander and/or defamation
  • Legal costs

c) Notable Exclusions and Limitations

  • Any claim made prior to the inception of the policy
  • Bodily injury to your employees or members of your family
  • Liability arising from damage to property in your care, custody, or control
  • Payment of fines or penalties
  • Any expense arising from terrorism
  • Liabilities arising from deliberate violence or sexual harassment
  • Claims as a result of insolvency, bankruptcy, or liquidation
  • Cover against claims brought against the insured in any country or jurisdiction outside of the United Kingdom

d) Sum Insured

  • £5,000,000 for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

Can I extend the scope of the cover?

Yes, Individual and Full Club members have the option of adding personal accident, loss of earnings, and equipment cover when they take out their membership.

Can I see the full policy wording for my insurance?

Yes, the policy schedule is sent to Individuals and Clubs when taking out membership. This contains the details of your cover including any additional cover you opt for. Policy wording is available for policies taken out or renewed:

For One-off Individual, School/University Club, League, and Event membership where your transaction is not directly processed by England Touch’s insurance broker, the policy wording and terms are identical to those at the above links, but your cover is restricted to the core Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover without the optional extensions.

When does cover apply?

For one year from the date you take out your membership. You do not need to take out a new policy at the start of each calendar year.

Are there any geographical limitations to cover?

We are going on international tour, will we be covered?

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover is worldwide (this includes the US provided visits are for not more than 90 days), but claims must be brought against the Insured within the United Kingdom. Optional extensions to cover including Personal Accident insurance can be taken for the United Kingdom or worldwide.

Are there any age restrictions to the cover?

No, indemnity applies irrespective of the age of the insured.

Under the Personal Accident cover, which is an optional extra, reduced benefits apply for persons aged under 18 for accidental death and reduced benefits may be applicable for permanent disablement, medical expenses, physiotherapy and loss of income.

Would players be covered if they were to play in the wrong age group?

Could a 16 year old play in a senior category because there is no junior section at the club?

Yes, cover applies irrespective of the differing ages of the participants.

We have a guest player. Will they be covered by our team insurance?

Yes. Where non-members / temporary players participate on a one-off basis they will be covered, however if non-members are participating on a regular basis they will require the insurance cover.

Our club is holding an open day and will be inviting members of the public to participate in a practice session and short game. Will they be covered?

For one-off events/training where non-members of your club participate they will be covered. However, if people are participating in your activities on a regular basis they will need to be a member of your club, for which you collect the fee, to be covered under your club’s policy.

If a player gets injured and requires physiotherapy treatment is this covered?

If you select Personal Accident cover and pay the additional premium you can add this cover to your membership.

Are coaches/referees/medical personnel covered?

Yes coaches, referees, and medical personnel are covered under the Individual-Coach, Individual-Referee, and Individual-Medical membership options provided that they hold a refereeing/coaching/medical qualification, respectively, as recognised by England Touch. If this warranty is not complied with, the policy coverage will not be valid.

But we’re a new/beginner club and our coaches & referees aren’t qualified, aren’t they insured for Public Liability?

Unfortunately not. If they do not hold England Touch recognised qualifications they are not insured to coach or referee at your club or elsewhere. We recommend booking onto a relevant course as soon as possible. Upcoming courses can be found at the below links:

What coaching, refereeing, and medical qualifications do England Touch recognise to validate insurance cover?

  • Coaches: ETA Community Coaching Course and above
  • Referees: Touch Europe Referee Level 1 and above
  • Medical personnel: BSc degree, or above, in physiotherapy or sports therapy. Must also hold an in-date sports trauma qualification.

Are RFU O2 Touch Centres covered?

All O2 Touch Centres, and all O2 Touch activities at RFU clubs, are covered independently under the RFU’s insurance. Please contact the RFU for details. If O2 Touch Centres wish to benefit from England Touch’s insurance they will need to take out Full Club membership with England Touch.

I am part-way through my current policy and want to upgrade my cover to include additional activities (e.g. from player to combined player and coach)… I want to extend my policy to include additional add-ons or worldwide cover… How do I do this?

If you have an existing Individual or Club membership please call Insure4Sport on 0800 158 5530 with your existing membership number to hand. You do not need to duplicate your policy or pay the full amount again.

My address has changed; do I need to let anyone know for my insurance to remain valid?

Yes. Individual and Club members should call Insure4Sport on 0800 158 5530 with your existing membership number to update your details. Members with other categories of England Touch membership should contact

Who takes payment for the membership?

For Individual and Full Club memberships, Insure4Sport will take annual payments for your membership fee and insurance; this is the name that will appear on your bank/credit card or direct debit statement. For other categories of membership, please see the England Touch website for payment details.

My insurance is due for renewal shortly, what do I need to do?

Individual and Full Club members will receive automated reminder emails four weeks before your renewal date. Payment will be collected automatically unless your payment details have expired, in which case you will receive further renewal reminders and instructions.