Membership FAQs

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Membership FAQs

I think I’ve already registered but have forgotten my membership number. Help!

Existing membership registration numbers can be checked here. You can also log in to your member account to check and update your registration details here.

When do I need to renew my membership?

Memberships (other than one-off individual memberships) are valid for one year from the date first taken out / renewed.

Existing members will receive a renewal reminder email when their existing membership expires. You do not need to renew or re-register until this point.

When I buy my membership online will I be given a unique ETA membership number?

Yes, your unique number will be provided in your welcome email

Who takes payment for memberships - are my details secure?

Our membership software provider is Pay Here Ltd – all transactions are processed securely using either PayPal (for card transactions) or GoCardless (for bank transfers). More details on security are available here.

I am part way through my membership year and want to upgrade my membership or add another participation category - how do I do this?

In many cases you can do this from within your online account. If you have any difficulties, please contact and we’ll help you out. You do not need to duplicate your policy or pay the full amount again.

My address or personal details have changed - do I need to let anyone know?

Please login to your online account to update your records

I’d like more information about the insurance included with membership

Please visit our dedicated insurance portal for further information, policy documents, and evidence of cover. Contact details are provided on the portal should you have any further questions.

Are RFU O2 Touch Centres covered by England Touch insurance?

All O2 Touch Centres, and all O2 Touch activities at RFU clubs, are covered independently under the RFU’s insurance. Please contact the RFU for details. If O2 Touch Centres wish to benefit from England Touch’s insurance they will need to take out Full Club membership with England Touch.

Our O2 Touch club wants to enter DTS tournaments this year, can we?

Yes, but if you want to enter national DTS tournaments you will need to register for Full Club membership. Your O2 Touch club membership only permits you to enter regional DTS tournaments.

Our club is new and we’re not planning on entering any England Touch competitions this year, do we need to affiliate?

We’d encourage you to as we think it’s worth it, but no, you do not strictly need Club membership. Please make sure you have adequate insurance in place as you and your players will not be covered under England Touch’s policy unless you are a member. Your players will not be able to participate in any ETA-run events, regional or national representative sides, and you won’t have access to any development resources or experience. We do not want anyone to operate in isolation and welcome everyone to join England Touch; we aim to keep the cost of affiliation as low as possible.

Why does my touch competition need to affiliate?

As the national governing body, England Touch has a role to promote, encourage, foster, develop and extend touch in England, under the Federation of International Touch (FIT) rules and guidelines. In order to do so effectively there needs to be agreed and maintained rules, standards and principles of operation. Through the membership and affiliation structure England Touch can control and administer the game across England to consistent standards. This is essential to the development of one unified sport. There are potentially many variations of touch that could exist; when individuals participate in an England Touch affiliated competition they know that it will be operated under FIT rules and the sport will be the same.

England Touch provides a range of activities and services for local venues, including referee training, coaching courses, insurance, promotion, and technical advice. England Touch also organises national and regional touch competitions, and runs regional and national representative teams.  Affiliation gives participants in your competition access to all of these. Individuals with England Touch membership benefit from playing in affiliated competitions and are prohibited by FIT rules from participating in competitions that are not affiliated to the relevant national governing body.

Affiliation gives leagues voting rights within England Touch and an opportunity to have their say in how England Touch is run and what it does to progress the development of the sport. England Touch is run on an entirely voluntary basis and all volunteers are touch participants and operators who want to develop the sport. There are many opportunities to get involved.

Aren’t you just trying to ring-fence’ the sport? Why can’t we all just play and not be affiliated?

The widespread development of touch in England is England Touch’s driving objective. However, this isn’t possible without some level of administration to ensure playing and refereeing standards and application of FIT rules are consistent across affiliated competitions. A national governing body is required to ensure agreed rules and standards, national development of the sport, national competitions, and international representation. England Touch fulfils this role.

What is the rationale and benefit to England Touch of the membership scheme?

Our membership scheme brings direct benefits to England Touch, and we want to be transparent about these. Many of these also benefit our members in the form of a better resourced and more responsive national governing body with an improved ability to develop and nurture touch in England.

  • Secure income stream

The England Touch Association is a not-for-profit association run for the benefit of its affiliated members. For many years the ETA operated on a ’hand to mouth’ basis, with affiliation income keeping the association afloat but not allowing it to notably grow or flourish. The ETA is still volunteer run with a limited income, but the current membership scheme serves as a sustainable income stream, allowing us a greater degree of budgetary planning with the potential to employ full- or part-time officers in the future, significantly increasing our capacity to develop the sport in England.

  • Understanding and communicating with members

Understanding the profile of touch participation in England is key to England Touch’s success. By collecting and maintaining accurate data on our individual and institutional members we are better placed to support players, officials, and providers to find each other, appropriately tailor our support, ensure we are meeting best-practice standards of governance, attract potential funding, and work with other bodies to grow the sport.

  • Appropriate insurance provision

Adequate and appropriate insurance cover for both providers and individuals is vital for all involved in the sport. With much-improved membership data we are better able to ensure we fully comply with insurance requirements, and benefit from competitively priced policies providing the most appropriate level of cover.

Why do I have to pay for membership and where does the money go?

Membership and affiliation fees predominantly pay for England Touch’s affiliation to the Federation of International Touch (FIT) – the world governing body, and our insurance costs. England Touch is a key member of the international touch community and FIT affiliation includes indirect benefits including referee panels to improve our top referees and courses for coaches and coaching presenters. These costs account for over 70% of membership revenue.  The remainder is used to cover the costs associated with administering and developing the sport.

Each section of the ETA has its own budget and plans for the future. The remaining income from membership is spent on:

  • Developing and upskilling players, coaches, referees, and clubs
  • Investing in youth development
  • Good governance, working with the Sport and Recreation Alliance
  • Marketing, promotion and website upgrades
  • Professional fees
  • European Federation of Touch (EFT) affiliation: a requirement for England Touch to be recognised by the FIT regional federation in Europe. EFT affiliation funds the expansion of touch across Europe, leading to more opportunities for participant members

We are always looking for funding opportunities to minimise costs to members, but we currently receive zero capital funding from any source. This is why we need to charge a modest fee for affiliation.

So my membership fees don’t just fund the national teams?

No. Affiliation is for the development of the game throughout England and is not used to fund the national (elite) teams. England Touch manages and develops the national representative teams but also the as the sport as a whole in England.  The elite teams benefit from some kit and team sponsorships but there is no funding of elite touch through membership costs.

Can I see the England Touch accounts?

Yes, all affiliated members have full access to the statutory accounts of England Touch.