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League & Event Membership

Membership offers numerous benefits, including optional public liability and professional indemnity insurance (leagues only), and is required to participate in many forms of touch activity in England.

Competition membership categories:

 Competition: LeaguesLeagues

Regularly scheduled inter-team competitions run over multiple weeks

Required: For England Touch Individual or Club members to be able to participate in your league

Competition: EventsEvents

One-off inter-team competitions, tend to be one or two days in duration

Required: For England Touch Individual or Club members to be able to participate in your one-off event. You must have your own public liability insurance.

Payment for a minimum of 4 teams must be made in advance, and the balance paid one week prior to event. Refunds are only available if the event is cancelled, and not later than 60 days after initial deposit.

If you are an affiliated Club or League wishing to run an event, this is covered under your existing Club or League membership


All memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase/renewal

  • Leagues – Individual and club operators: £20 per team entered in largest league of the year (includes ETA insurance cover). One membership per venue operated.
  • Leagues – Professional sports event operators: £15 per team entered in largest league of the year (does not include ETA insurance cover, you must hold your own insurance). One membership per venue operated.
  • Leagues – England Touch League partners: Incorporated into franchise agreement
  • Events: £10 per team entered in your competition. Not required for affiliated Clubs or Leagues running events


Insurance and welfare cover

Have your say

  • Representation within England Touch as a member with voting rights at the AGM [League only]
  • Direct involvement in shaping the future of Touch in England [League only]
  • Input into the sport’s development in Europe and around the world [League only]

Promotion opportunities

  • Recognition of your touch operation on England Touch’s Where to Play database
  • Ability to promote as an affiliated operation and attract players / referees with an open and clear development pathway
  • Promotion and marketing of club activities / events on the England Touch website, social media channels, newsletter, etc.

Participation and development opportunities

  • Access to development days, education pathways, coursework, and specialist coaching days provided by England Touch and our relationship with EFT, FIT, TFA and TNZ [League only]
  • Development officers at national and local levels to engage with schools, rugby development officers and others to help aid understanding of touch and how it can help achieve aims for inclusion and physical activity. Better awareness leads to increased participation.
  • FIT and EFT affiliation, including indirect benefits such as referee panels to improve our top referees and referee coaches, courses for coaches and coaching presenters

Governance support

  • Access to a shared a national disciplinary network and standards ensuring that all players are dealt with consistently and fairly and that affiliates and participants are protected from disruptive players nationwide
  • Access and compliance support on constitutions and running operations within boundaries of relevant regulations and laws, protection policies, disciplinary procedures, and a national code of conduct.
  • Advice and support regarding safeguarding, equality, inclusion and judiciary matters.

Access to discounts & subsides

  • ‘Economies of scale’ reductions – the larger the affiliation structure, the more attractive it becomes to investors. Affiliates can make themselves more attractive to sponsors through running ETA-affiliated events

Quality assurance

  • ETA structures and procedures provide quality assurance for affiliated operators. Players and referees can see at a glance that an event will warrant their participation
  • The right to run touch activities (using the FIT rules) is restricted to affiliates only. The ETA will protect affiliates from having their competition undermined by ‘unaffiliated organisers’ who badge their activity as ‘Touch’ where it is fundamentally different to FIT rules.
  • Access to ETA trained referees, coaches and medical staff.
  • Protection under the national constitution, by-laws and policies [League only]

No entry to unaffiliated leagues and events:

  • England Touch supports English clubs, players, and officials taking part in touch tournaments throughout the UK and worldwide, but you should take care to ensure that the competitions in which you participate are affiliated to the relevant National Touch Association (England Touch in England).
  • Taking part in an unaffiliated event is against Federation of International Touch (FIT) policy and could result in clubs, players, or officials being banned from future England Touch and/or FIT-affiliated events.
  • Please be aware of the consequences of participating in unaffiliated competitions; if you are unsure, always ask first.
  • Further information on unaffiliated competitions can be found here.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions first, otherwise contact


Please register your membership at

  • All applications for membership of the England Touch are governed by the Constitution, Regulations and By-Laws of England Touch
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you qualify for membership under the criteria set by England Touch

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  • Existing members will receive a renewal reminder email four weeks before their existing membership expires. You do not need to renew or re-register until this point.