Individual Memberships

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Individual Membership

Membership offers numerous benefits, including public liability, professional indemnity, and personal accident insurance, and is required to participate in many forms of touch activity in England. Insurance is absolutely vital to protect the interests of all our members.

Full individual membership is for the following participants:

Individual: PlayerPlayer

Required: To play in National DTS, CTS, NTS, MWTC, and Touch Nationals competitions; to participate in an Elite (national representative) team, along with any other England Touch hosted event.

Individual: RefereeReferee

Required: To be a full-time referee (not a player-referee) at National DTS, CTS, NTS, MWTC, Touch Nationals, or Elite competitions.

Individual: CoachCoach

Required: To be head or assistant coach to a Touch Nationals or Elite team.

Individual: MedicalMedical

Required: To provide medical / physio cover for National DTS, CTS, NTS, MWTC, and Touch Nationals competitions and for Elite teams.


Other individual membership categories:

Individual: OverseasOverseas player

Required: To play in a National DTS, CTS, NTS, or MWTC competition if not resident in the UK

Individual: One-offOne-off

Required: To participate in just one National DTS, CTS, NTS, or MWTC one-day event per membership year. Cannot be purchased multiple times within a year.

Individual: AffiliateUniversity Touch Series

Required: To participate in the University Touch Series (UTS) if not already a full member



All memberships (except for one-off membership) are valid for one year from the date of purchase/renewal

  • Full membership: £20
  • Full membership, students 18-23: £14
  • Full membership, students under 18: £8
  • Overseas player: £20
  • One-off: £8
  • University Touch Series: £5

Membership category distinctions: quick overview (pdf)


Insurance and welfare cover

  • Public liability insurance cover for all individual members
  • Personal accident insurance cover for all individual members aged 16-70 who are legally resident in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland
  • Please see our individuals insurance page for details of cover
  • Reduced-cost DBS checks for coaches & organisers associated with players under 18 and vulnerable adults

(The following do not apply to Overseas and One-off members)

Have your say

  • Direct involvement in shaping the future of Touch in England
  • Input into the sport’s development in Europe and around the world

Participation and development opportunities

  • Involvement in the National / Challenge / Development Touch Series, University Touch Series, in which only those registered have the opportunity to part of (subject to conditions)
  • Involvement in the Touch Nationals tournaments and England representation in which only those registered have the opportunity to part of (subject to conditions)
  • Priority access and reduced cost to courses organised by the ETA and outside companies, including relevant CPD training (subject to qualifying conditions)
  • Access to development days, education pathways, coursework, and specialist coaching days provided by England Touch and our relationship with EFT, FIT, TFA and TNZ
  • Development officers at national and local levels to engage with schools, rugby development officers and others to help aid understanding of touch and how it can help achieve aims for inclusion and physical activity. Better awareness leads to increased participation
  • Opportunity for coaching from Referee Board at NTS/Touch Nationals [Referee]
  • Opportunity to attend England Touch Camps and shadow others [Referee, Coach, Medical]
  • FIT and EFT affiliation, including indirect benefits such as referee panels to improve our top referees and referee coaches, courses for coaches and coaching presenters

Governance support

  • Access to a shared a national disciplinary network and standards ensuring that all players are dealt with consistently and fairly and that affiliates and participants are protected from disruptive players nationwide
  • Access and compliance support on constitutions and running operations within boundaries of relevant regulations and laws, protection policies, disciplinary procedures, and a national code of conduct
  • Advice and support regarding safeguarding, equality, inclusion and judiciary matters

Access to discounts & subsides

  • Access to discounts offered by ETA’s partners
  • Free gym membership: Elite representatives are eligible for the FANS (Free Access to National Sports-people) scheme (dependant on location and available facilities)
  • Subsidy towards elite representation costs, including travel and accommodation [Referee, Coach, Medical]
  • Subsidy towards European Touch referee (L3+) and ETA coaching (L2) courses [Referee, Coach]
  • Provision of official ETA kit for those delivering relevant courses and/or attending a prerequisite number of competitions (tbc) [Referee, Coach, Medical]

Quality assurance

  • Access to ETA trained referees, coaches and medical staff
  • Protection under the national constitution, by-laws and policies


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions first, otherwise contact


Please register your membership at

  • All applications for membership of the England Touch are governed by the Constitution, Regulations and By-Laws of England Touch
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you qualify for membership under the criteria set by England Touch

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  • Existing members will receive a renewal reminder email four weeks before their existing membership expires. You do not need to renew or re-register until this point.
  • If you have an existing individual membership and want to upgrade it to add another category (e.g. from player to combined player and coach), please login to your account to purchase the additional category.