FAQ's IconHere are some of our most frequently asked questions.

I’ve never played Touch is it hard to learn?

Touch Rugby is very simple to play. 2-3 games will see you master the basic skills and the more you play the better you will become. As long as you are keen to get involved you will develop the skills to enjoy yourself on the field.

How fit do I have to be to play?

People of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels play in social and competitive leagues, you chose the level you wish to play. You will find that over the season your personal fitness levels will increase, Touch Rugby is a great way to exercise, improve cardio vascular fitness and help to burn excess fat.

What do I need to play?

All you need to get started is a willingness to learn and have some fun. You can start by simply getting a bunch of friends together, a set of the rules and a ball. The sport is renowned for its social appetite. For those of you that want to really get into the game, there are specialist shoes made for Touch that can give you that extra grip when you need it.

What does it cost to play?

Playing socially with your friends costs nothing, league costs vary throughout the country, but work out to be around £35-£45 for 10 weeks.

How long are the games?

The international standard is 40 mins (2 x 20 mins).

How big is the field?

The international standard is 70m x 50m.

How many people play in a team?

The international standard is 14 players per team, 6 on the field at any one time with up to eight substitutes. who interchange at random. 10-12 players is a good number to allow for that much needed rest during the game.

What is the male/ female ratio in a Mixed Team?

The international standard is a minimum of 3 women and a maximum of 3 men on the field. This may vary at Clubs due to local conditions so please check with the Club where you wish to play.

How does the scoring work?

Single points are scored for each try scored in most competitive games although local competition rules may differ.

If I haven’t played before am I able to come down and just watch?

Of course! Feel free to come down to any of the venues and check out how the game is played. Simply turn up at any of the venues where Touch is being played, you’ll find people are really friendly and happy to chat about the game to you.

How far can I go with Touch?

If you have the skill and determination you can represent your country in National and International competitions, with the Touch World Cup being the ultimate test of the World Champs.

Is there an international governing body?

Yes, the Federation of International Touch. For more information on FIT, please visit their website.