England Touch | High Performance Training Squad (HPTS)

The England Touch High Performance Training Squad (HPTS) have been announced for the Opens and Senior Categories.

Direct selection into Men’s, Mixed, and Women’s training squads based on the player pool available from Nationals, JTC and exemption process in 2017 has be replaced by a single unified elite training squad – the High Performance Training Squad (HPTS).

The HPTS consists of male and female athlete lists.  All players within the HPTS lists must attend training sessions led by head coaches (for the age-division level, i.e. Youth, Opens, Seniors).

For clarity, male players are therefore answerable to both Men’s and Mixed coaches, and female players answerable to both Mixed and Women’s coaches.

The HPTS players will be assessed in training camps in the months up and until February 2018 at which time the squad will be reduced around April. The selected 16 players will be a part of an England team that will travel to Nottingham to play in the 2018 European Touch Championships.

Additional players may be added to the below lists, following the Junior/Masters Nationals event on 7th October.

The ETA congratulations all of the players on their selection and best of luck in their respective squad.

High Performance Training Squads

Open Division

Arbuthnott, Sophie
Bengtson, Shaun
Bevin-Davis, Katie
Bird, Nicolette
Blandford, Chris
Brimelow, Adam
Clayton, Meghan
Clews, Emily
Cormack, Rosannah
Costello, Ellie
Crowe, Emily
Cuthbertson, Leah
Davis, Matthew
Dorey, Elizabeth
Drut, Adeline
Eccles, Richard
Ennes, Eleana
Goddard, Anna
Gough, Angus
Grant-Walker, Alissa
Granthem, Jade
Halsall, Sam
Hobson, Clarke
Hoffman, Charlie
Hogg, Alison
Howard, Max
Hudson, Susannah
Hutchison, Kylie
Ingram, Josh
Jones, Hamish
Jones, Sam
Kells, Rosie
Knoop, James
Lawrence, Will
Lawton-Davies, Sam
Lee, Jen
Lee, Ollie
Luxton, Sofia
Mayall, Daniel
McCallion, Orla
McFarland, Charlotte
McManus, Louis
Meakin, Ben
Meakin, Sadi
Melling, Jake
Melling, Jordan
Meredith, Vaughn
Miemzyck, Ryan
Missin, Sam
Norburn, Lucy
Oliver, Emma
Partridge, Miles
Payten, Ayla
Payten, Erin
Payton, Danni
Pennington, Gabe
Perris Redding, Georgie
Phillips, Toby
Phillipson, Charlotte
Pillman, Caroline
Powell, Ben
Price, George
Rae, Olivia
Rawe, Ed
Robinson, Charlotte
Rowling, Daniel
Scott, Alex
Scott, Shane
Serocold, Will
Shahabdeen, Kamil
Stratford, Henry
Sykes, Bronte
Taylor, Bobby
Traynor, Claire
Tripp, Dom
Tyrrell, Will
Unsworth, Julia
Walker, Catherine
Wells, Kaitlin
Weston-Stanley, Jon
Wills, Marnie


Senior Division

Aubert, Zoe
Balfour, Laura
Barry, Steve
Benzie, Doug
Bourke, Nathan
Buckley, Kara
Budge, Ed
Bussell, Stuart
Carr, Louise
Chadwick, Alastair
Clerey, Fae
Collins, Stacey
Costello, Ceire
Cropper, Gregg
Davies, Natalie
Edgerton, Johanna
Eve, Emilie
Farrer, Cathi
Fielding, Katy
Oliver Francis
Franks, Victoria
Gaskell, Victoria
Geracitano, Gino
Godde, Sue-Ellen
Habgood, Ben
Hall, Tom
Hancock, Dean
Harper, Matt
Harrison, Dan
Hartley, Joe
Herd, James
Holland, Steve
Hughes, Joelene
Humphries, Tom
Hyde, Kate
Jones, Glenn
Jones, Katherine
Kang, Julia
King, Richard
Knight, Mark
Lau, Lois
Lawton, Liam
Lee, Benita
Lim, Eli
Limerick, Jason
Marsh, Nicky
Maskell, Alexandra
McLean, Keisha
Morrison, Lindsay
Neale-Hook, Lucy
Nel, Zhayne
Parish, Zoe
Perry, Garreth
Philips, Samantha
Powles, Samantha
Quinn, Nollaig
Richardson, Lucy
Rickard, Louise
Roa, Mike
Rosenburg, Sarah
Rylance, Claire
Scott, Colin
Sills, Ollie
Simpson, Will
Slater, Tamara
Snape, Lucy
Stewart, James
Temple, Jane
Tibbitts, Byron
Waddell, Jason
Wantenaar, Liam
Walker, Julie
Weir, Catriona
Whyman, Jemma
Wilson, Suzanne
Wines, Dan
Wright, Martin
Young, Jenny