Eligibility Rules

Eligibility Rules

Player eligibility for international sporting competition can be a complex and often emotive issue. The defining elements are at the very heart of global competition and key issues involved in ascertaining eligibility include aspects of nationality, passport, residency, ancestry, place of birth, playing history, the respective country’s selection process and even a player’s gender and age.

Please note that in order to be selected to the regional/national training squad (and subsequent national teams); a player must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Play at affiliated venue/league or registered (and regularly play) with an affiliated club.
  • Not play/ref/manage in any unaffiliated competitions and/or leagues.
  • Meet FIT eligibility criteria detailed in this policy.
  • Be a financial member of the ETA through affiliation with a League/club association*
  • Attend all national training sessions pre- and post-final national team selections – Please note there will be a strong expectation of attendance, and we will address each player’s case individually.
  • Sign and agree to terms of the current years national squad player agreement at the first opportunity
  • Have a zero financial balance with the ETA or have previously agreed an arrangement for their outstanding balance.

Along with one of the following:

  • English Born:
  • Hold a UK passport:
  • Ancestry visa, having been resident for at least the last two:
  • A UK resident for the past three years:

* Players not resident in England should contact the HP Director for advice on fulfilling this criterion.