Become A Referee

Become a Referee

Welcome to the page of the site dedicated to one of our most valuable resources – our referees!

Referees are key to the experience people have when playing Touch. Without these devoted people who put their bodies (and ears) on the line week in and week out, there would be no game. Unlike many other sports, Touch referees actually directly increase the level of the play and increase the player enjoyment; it is not just about blowing a whistle when things go wrong.

If you have experience refereeing sport, or you are a player who is familiar with the rules or you are just keen to learn, then we can equip you with the skills to be a Touch referee.

We hope anyone hoping to, or currently refereeing around the country will find the information they require here about training & development, courses and all the events at which their expertise is needed.

If you require any further information, please contact our National Referee Managers at

Keep track in the events section for all refereeing opportunities and courses.


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