Appointments & Ranking

Appointments & Ranking

To the referees – the players may not ever say it but they do recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication.

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Referee ranking and awards from European Touch Championships Swansea 2014

Mixed Open

1 Derek Fisher, Leading Male Referee
2 Matthew Reid
3 Kevin Hobbs

Men’s Open

4 Mike Wallace
5 Zarne Johnson, Leading Level 4 Referee
6 Nick Richardson, **ENGLAND REFEREE**

Women’s Open

7 Shane Hills, **ENGLAND REFEREE**
8 Shelley Grace, **ENGLAND REFEREE**, Leading Female Referee
9 Peter Faassen de Heer [s], Leading Senior Male Referee

Senior Mixed

10 Sarah Mason
11 Sylvain Chrras
12 Alison Smith

Men’s 35s

13 Michael Bottom
14 Matthew Hobbs, **ENGLAND REFEREE**
15 Jordi Bitlloch

Men’s 40s

16 Lars Sturm
17 Chris Wrigley
18 Ian Syder, **ENGLAND REFEREE**

Women’s 27s

19 Aubrey Collins, **ENGLAND REFEREE**, Leading Level 2 Referee, Most Improved Referee
20 Ailsa Flaconer [s], Leading Senior Female Referee
21 Renat Iskakov

Further referee ranking from previous European Touch Championships are available at

A special mention for England Referees who were Team and Assistant Team Leaders ~ Sarah Porcelli, Stephen Dubreuil, Ian Syder

Exceptional ambassadors for England Touch Referees ~ Bruce Lockie, Graham Smith, Uma Ramaswami and James Shanahan..

Congratulations to Jake Hill and Kathy Van de Rijt for their contribution to the Junior European Touch Championships.


This page lists England’s graded referees (Level 3 and higher) as well as referees who have recently (2014+) attained their Level 1 badge or been upgraded to Level 2.

Level 5

Shelley Grace, Shane Hills, Nick Richardson

Level 4

Matthew Hobbs, Bruce Lockie, Uma Ramaswami (s), Ian Syder, Nicolas Van de Rijt, Chris Whalen

Level 3

Cece Cheong, Aubrey Collins, Stephen Dubreuil, Gareth Hinds, Sarah Porcelli, Marnie Wills.

Level 2 upgrades

Jake Hill, James Shanahan, Graham Smith, Kathy Van De Rijt, Matthew Walker, Gregg Cropper, Kevin Hill

Level 1 – Since 2014

Melanie Johnston, Lois Lau, Ed Budge, Daniel Wines,Jake Hyland, Luke Milsom, Steve Regan, Sam Cutler, Matt Leonard, Mike Beard, Bronwyn Wake, Francis Morris