Touch World Cup 2015 – Round up

England Touch kept hold of a top four world ranking, bringing home 3 bronze medals in a terrific Touch World Cup in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

Despite horrendous weather conditions, England battled it out against some of the best Touch teams in the World to keep their highly prized World position.

Following an intense seven months training, a total of 112 players and 27 staff travelled to Australia to compete in the eighth instalment of the Federation of International Touch’s Touch World Cup.

At the tournament England Touch competed in seven out of the nine categories. This represented the second largest contingent after hosts Touch Football Australia, but equalling the number of teams from New Zealand and Japan. Given the distance travelled by the England contingent, this was a great indicator of the development of the elite part of the sport in England.

England Touch’s goals for the campaign were to make the top four in at least one division; ensure that three other teams placed in the top eight; and to obtain an overall top-six world ranking. These goals were exceeded in bagging three bronze medals, a fourth place and coming equal third in the world (tied with Papua New Guinea) behind Australia and New Zealand.

Tim Osborne, High Performance Director, said he was ‘thrilled with the efforts of all of the England players and staff, who all relished the amazing opportunity to represent England, competing proudly and with a high level of sportsmanship.’

He went on to outline the work that went into the England campaign: ‘Planning for England Touch’s 2015 Touch World Cup commenced in June 2013 (22 months prior to the tournament) when members of the HP team started to map out England’s domestic competition calendar and selection timelines for international tournaments.

‘The aim of this planning exercise was to create a level continuity across some eighteen months to allow for each divisional team to establish a core of players who would compete in both the 2014 European Touch Championships (Swansea, Wales) and the 2015 Touch World Cup (Coffs Harbour, Australia).

‘This continuity was critical to our success.’

Results for each of the England teams were:

Mixed Open – 4th
Women’s Open  – 6th
Men’s Open – 10th
Women’s 27s – 3rd (bronze)
Men’s 30s – 7th
Men’s 40s – 3rd (bronze)
Senior Mixed – 3rd (bronze)

MVPs for each of the England Touch, Touch World Cup 2015 team were:

Mixed Open – Jordan Melling
Women’s Open – Sadi Meakin
Men’s Open – Ben Meakin
Women’s 27s – Kate Thorpe
Men’s 30s – Will TenBroeke
Men’s 40s – Jon Lovell
Senior Mixed – Byron Tibbitts


Across the duration of the England Touch’s TWC15 campaign – from September 2014 to May 2015 – there was a host of 56 individuals who volunteered their time and boundless energy to assist the England players reach their potential.

Some individuals performed multiple roles, meanwhile twelve staffers were also players. Huge thanks therefore needs to go to the following teams (any omission from the lists above is entirely unintentional):

Medical team: Ben Drew, Cari Thorpe, Craig Twist, Emma Knott, Erin Parish, Gareth Marlow, Garvin Francis, Jason Carpenter, Jennifer McEvoy, Jennifer Pringle, Matthew Davis, Nicholas Matenga, Nick Dobbin, Paul White, Petra Koenig, Sam Dixon, Sam Griffith, Tonnya Fraser

Management team: Amie Williams, Anna Jennings, Claire Rylance, Crystal Ravenscroft, Georgia Yurkwich-Spink, Gregg Cropper, Jess Powell, Kirsty Prior, Lindsay Topham, Mahala Wills, Sandra Hughes, Vicky Gaskell

Coaching team: Andre le Cornu, Ben Smith, Clint Rowling, Jeff Bimson, Kellie-Lee James, Mark Jones, Marnie Wills, Martin Wright, Mike Roa, Nathan Bourke, Nicholas Matenga, Noel Forde, Peter Cook, Sammie Phillips, Steve Melling, Steven Hughes, Tim Osborne, Will Ten Broeke, Yellie Powley-Williams

HP team: Aaron Cockfield, Ben Powell, Cathryn Ogle, Denise Yarrow, Derek Cant, Georgia Yurkwich-Spink, Mike Abromowitz, Thomas Devereux, Tim Osborne, Zoe Parish


Photographs ©Energy Images

Steeden DTS – Lincoln (Round 5)

Lincoln Touch are hosting the 5th leg of the Steeden DTS tournament for England Touch and are pleased to provide information for entry.

Steeden DTS – Halton (Round 4)

Halton Storm are hosting the 4th leg of the Steeden DTS tournament for England Touch and are pleased to provide information for entry.

Two possible Level 3 referee upgrade events in 2015

Two possible Level 3 upgrade events in 2015

  1. England Touch Nationals – August 8th & 9th in Cambridge, England
  2. Junior Touch Championships – August 21st – 23rd in Nottingham, England.

Good news for Level 2 referees!

All referees (including referees from outside England) are invited to submit their expression of interest (EOI) via:
England Touch Nationals – Referee EOI

2015 is a World Cup year which means there is no European Championships, Home Nations or Mainland Cup will take place.  The European Referee Commission has settled on two events which Level 3 upgrades MAY be awarded to referees performing to the required competency level, subject to the overall strength and depth of game play standards.

Attendance at both of these events is not required – each will be treated separately.

It will not be possible to assess game play standards until matches can be observed live in progress – evaluation would likely be done over the entire first day and perhaps longer than this.  The  ERC cannot guarantee those standards however and thereforedoes not guarantee that Level 3 upgrades will actually be awarded through either event – but obviously it is hoped that everything will fall into place so that this will be possible.

The ERC is well aware of the potential risk that referees who attend and perform well at these events could be disappointed if it turns out that upgrades could/would not be awarded, however we believe it is better to (attempt to) allow for the possibility of this opportunity and to fall short of it rather than discover afterwards that an opportunity was missed.

The purpose of this is to provide transparency of approach and to allow each referee to make up their own mind whether or not they attend.  Referee are reminded that high quality coaching will be provided at both these events so as a minimum they will be excellent opportunities and skills development generally so as to increase the likelihood of achieving their upgrade at the next available opportunity.

Please feel welcome to contract the ERC if you have any questions or concerns:

Alternatively, please contact England Touch with any questions or concerns:


What next?

Submission of your expression of interest to referee at the England Touch Nationals in August 8th & 9th in Cambridge, please complete this form:  England Touch Nationals – Referee EOI

See you in August, in Cambridge for the England #TouchNationals.



Touch Development Sessions

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for affiliated clubs and leagues around England to benefit from a session with one of our dedicated Development Officers.

Sessions can only be delivered for registered ETA Clubs, leagues, O2 Touch Clubs, schools, universities or other social groups.

These development sessions can range from a basic introduction to the game to developing more advanced skills and incorporating these in your game play.

The cost for a session will be:

  • £5pp if 1-12 people attend
  • £4pp if 13-20 people attend
  • £3pp if 21-30 people attend
  • £2pp if more than 30 people attend.

Please note, there will be a minimum charge of £25


If you are interested in hosting one of these sessions, please complete this form: now

Please note, a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice must be given and all sessions are dependent on the availability of our volunteer coaches. Please contact if you have any questions!


See you on the 5!



South East Regional Trials about to tap off!

Are you in the South East and would like to trial for your Regional Team?

Come along to the SE regional trials on Monday 12th May 7-9pm @ King George’s park, Wandsworth.

Please email to register your interest to trial for the South East!


Touch World Cup Fantasy League Results

The results are in for the England Touch TWC Fantasy League. See below for the rankings and the results for each player in each division. Thanks for taking part and well done to our England Players in Australia