2015 Proposed NTS Schedule

As you all know we had a great response to the series this year and the need to build on this is necessary. There have been many suggestions from most clubs on a format for the next 12 months and we thank you all for your contributions. To deliver a quality series, with excellent medical provision, facilities and full time referees is difficult and therefore there will be a change for 2015 to introduce a 3rd tier of competition.


Proposed structure is detailed below.

NTS 1st tier – 16 clubs retained from the 2014 NTS series
NTS 2nd tier – 12 clubs that progressed to the 2014 CTS Finals will qualify to participate
(NTS 1st & 2nd tier will be delivered at the same tournament)

CTS (3rd tier) – Open tournament series based on pre 2014 delivery – with a view to a more structured series in future years. Up to five tournaments through the summer with a final on the Saturday of the ETA Nationals. This will allow more clubs to host tournaments, with support from ETA, and allow participation of more clubs that missed out on CTS in 2014 as well as introducing new/emerging clubs to their next stage of development. Hosting the CTS final during the Nationals will allow CTS clubs to take an active part in an inspiring tournament. Clubs will be provided with the opportunity to schedule and promote their tournaments around other events and therefore there are no fixed dates for this as yet.

Future delivery could provide Men’s and Women’s divisions (maybe on the 2nd day of a NTS tournament).

NTS Clubs will be asked soon to bid to host a tournament in the coming weeks to be signed off at the ETA AGM (planned November). To provide an easier bidding process Clubs will be invited to bid for their Area tournament. We have worked with the High Performance guys on the ETA board on this proposal and although we believe this format and schedule is not very far away from a final plan.


Dates are proposed below;

NTS Round 1 – Midlands – Saturday 30th May 2015


One weekend off


NTS Round 2 – South – Saturday 13th June 2015


Three weekends off


NTS Round 3 – North – Saturday 4th July 2015


One weekend off


NTS FINALS (2 day – double points – 40 min matches) – ETA – Weekend 18/19th July 2015


Two weekends off


ETA Nationals –Weekend 7/8/9th August 2015


Further information on host bidding for NTS events will follow shortly




ETA History flashback

As we plan our assault of Coffs Harbour, here’s a bit of history for you:
1999 FIT World Cup – In a first for a northern hemisphere team, the England W30’s took a 5-4 bronze medal win over Niue, giving our nation the first World Cup medal win outside of the southern hemisphere.
In what was a precursor to the current European Touch Championships back in 1991, the comp saw our resident statistician, Pete Sheff’s first step onto the international stage, as coach of the England Women’s 30’s side at the 2nd Masters World Cup in Sydney, a mere 4 years after we became just the 13th member of the Federation of International Touch (FIT).
The English national sides arrived approximately a week prior to the championships and underwent a camp to bring them up to speed and to educate them on some of the finer points of the game down under. It was a steep learning curve, and was not without it’s hurdles, but it proved a rewarding experience, as the English sides went about to prove they were there for more than just to make up the numbers. Players formed friendships that continue to this day, and as testament to that, Pete is on hand when we land in Australia in April for the TWC15.
It’s quiet fitting, as the ETA revel in our victory of winning the European Touch Championships 2014 – some 15 years later – that we reflect on just how far we have come since those inaugural years on the world stage.

Referees – 2014 European Championships

16 England Referees ventured to Swansea to take part in the Euro’s.  England was well represented within the group on 72 referees, we had junior referees all the way through to Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders, a Go to Coach and a Sheriff amongst us – but we were a team, us England refs may have been split up but we were all very excited and waiting for the big event to begin.

There was lots going on at the start of the week and none more important than the Junior Euro’s.  England’s own Jake Hill and Kathy Van de Rijt were present for both days and put in amazing performances!  Jake and Kathy were joined by several other England Referees on the second day to help lighten the workload.  Jake and Kathy both walked away with goals achieved, their heads held high and more enthused than ever.  Both also had the support of their families present to watch them succeed.  Jake refereed the final of the Junior Euro’s between England and host nation Wales and Kathy for her consistent solid performances achieved her Level 2 badge upgrade.  We are all very proud of both of you!

(L>R) Jake Hill, Shelley Grace (NDR), Kathryn Emily Davis, Jac Griffiths


So the Junior Euro’s now complete, the next item on the agenda is the Opening Ceremony.  The flag bearer for the 2014 Euro’s was an England referee (an England referee had the privilege in 2012 Euro’s).  This honour is one recognised by others and a major contributing factor is the contribution to the sport and none other is more deserving than Stephen Dubreuil.  Stephen has run more referee courses for England Touch, more than most put together.  He works continuously to ensure those who attend his courses are followed up with coaching, feedback and assessment.  England has reason to be proud again!

Initial formalities aside, it was now down to business.  Time for us to show all that we’d been preparing for.

As referees our team changes constantly, we are a team, within a team and within a team again.  Every game is a new team in fact, and despite our dynamically changing teams, we then come up against all teams in all divisions, from all countries – every game and every day is different for us.

We took on the Open divisions, the Senior divisions and even the Junior games – there were no easy games for us.  We knew that each team and each country were going to come out fighting, but we were prepared.  We’d spent all year preparing for this.  As a squad, we travelled far and wide (racking up many mile in the car in the process), followed the NTS/CTS Series around the country, attended every All England Squad Training camp and refereed in all weather conditions.

With new selection criteria and requirements introduced this year, we each needed to get selected – at some NTS/CTS and at every All Squad session, fitness was the order of the day.  On a whole the England referees were fitter, more of a team and more determined than ever before.  Grand gestures were made to show the England Referees what the players, coaches and all other interested parties thought and that was – we are part of Team England.  England Referees were presented with their own Euro’s shirts that they could wear at the event at the same presentation that all the representative players received their shirts.  We are Team England.  Each of England’s successes during the Euro’s were also our own successes and similarly our successes at the Euro’s were also England’s successes.  We each depend on the other and the admiration and respect is stronger than ever.


There was a formal referee dinner after the opening ceremony, and it was lovely to see all referees turn out in their finest!  How good we all looked.  The dinner also served the purpose of announcing the very special Lucas Von Hoff Award nominees.  There were six nominees from 5 countries and England was nominated through Shelley Grace.

So there was nothing more to do now until the start … Game 1, Day 1 – who would be up first!   Nerves and excitement were overwhelming.  Referee appointments were unknown – which division, which country, which field, which timeslot, which other referees, who will water carry, which referee coaches will be out there – the questions were endless. And each day would be exactly the same.

It’s amazing how people can bond together so quickly, new faces were regarded as old mates in a matter of minutes, everyone was there for each other and to see and achieve the best that each can do.

With a work load of between 2 and 4 games a day –it’s tough going, but we love it.  England’s referees did extremely well and each should be proud of their efforts, the struggles that they had to overcome during the week, battling niggles, injuries, different referee combinations, let alone the thought of a night out at a beach party and then missing fancy dress boxes to contend with.

At the end of the day, England walked away with:

  • 3 black badge (Level 5) upgrades
    • Shelley Grace, Shane Hills, Nick Richardson
  • 4  red badge (Level 4) upgrades
    • Uma Ramawsami [s], Ian Syder, Nicolas Van de Rijt, Matt Hobbs
  • 2 yellow badge (Level 3) upgrades
    • Gareth Hinds, Aubrey Collins
  • 1 green badge (Level 2) upgrade
    • Kathy Van de Rijt
  • Most Improved Referee Award
    • Aubrey Collins
  • Top ranking Level 2 Referee
    • Aubrey Collins
  • Leading Female Referee
    • Shelley Grace
  • 6 referees ranking in the top 21 for finals appointments (out of 72 referees)
    • Shelley Grace, Shane Hills, Nick Richardson, Ian Syder, Matt Hobbs, Aubrey Collins
  • 3 referees with Open finals games
    • Shelley Grace, Shane Hills, Nick Richardson
  • 16 referees putting in a tremendous effort which did themselves and England Touch proud.
    • Jake Hill, Kathy Van de Rijt, Shelley Grace, Sarah Porcelli, Uma Ramawsami, Nick Richardson, Shane Hills, Ian Syder, Gareth Hinds, Aubrey Collins, Nicolas Van de Rijt, Bruce Lockie, Stephen Dubreuil, Matt Hobbs, James Shanahan, Graham Smith

All in all it was an extremely successful event.  There are many people who are deserved of a special thank you within England Touch and with the Touch Europe Referee Commission and on behalf of the England Touch Referees we do thank you all for your continued support, encouragement and all the good times we all have together.  To the ENGLAND REFEREES thank you for being such a wonderful team – it was a pleasure and look out Euro’s 2016!

Elite Camp 4 (Final Prep) Video




TWC Training Squads Announced

After a hugely successful #TouchNationals and Open Trials, the England Touch High Performance Team along with the elite coaches have announced players for the upcoming 2015 Touch World Cup in Australia.

Congratulations to those players selected into the initial training squads. This is the start of an incredible journey and the World Cup is yours and your team’s chance to achieve something special that only a few have achieved, so take this opportunity and give it everything you’ve got.

Commiserations to those who missed out. The standard was exceptionally high this year and the choices that had to be made were incredibly difficult.

As part of the growth of Touch in this country England Touch are continuing to expand the game in all areas and over the next year exciting plans are afoot to grow our existing National Touch Series (NTS), promote further the development of Touch competitions with the ever growing ‘Challenge Touch Series’ (CTS) and hold a series of Development Days with coaching from qualified England Touch coaches. Keep an eye on the England Touch website for further information on these. Please continue to in playing Touch and trial again next year, everyone will again be fighting for a spot as  no ones place is guaranteed.


2015 Touch World Cup, Coffs Harbour, Australia. (Training Squads)


Men’s Open 

Ben Powell, Benjamin Meakin, Clint Rowling, Daniel Holland, Daniel Mendis, Daniel Rowling, Dominic Tripp, Ed Rawe, Gareth McRae, Jacob Scadden, James Heptonstall, James Knoop, Jon Weston-Stanley, Justin Conway, Kalem O’Sullivan, Lucas Lee, Marcus Leong, Matthew Myerson, Paul Smuts, Richard Eccles, Sam Jones, Simon Whitnall, Ted Mahutariki, Will Serocold. TRAIN ONs Alex Scott, Andy Brown, Blaine Bonnin-Ward, Mark Ovens, Richard Moody, Sam Cutler, Tom Simpson.

Coach: Ben Smith


Women’s Open 

Adeline Drut, Alex Maskell, Anna Goddard, Claire Rylance, Elizabeth Riley, Emily Crowe, Emilie Eve, Emily Clews, Emily Kelly, Janelle Cridge, Jenny Young, Katherine Daniels, Kellie-Lee James, Kylie Hutchison, Marnie Wills, Nicolette Bird, Nina Gulati, Pam Tomlinson, Rossannah Cormack, Sadi Meakin, Sarah Acheson, Sofia Luxton, Susan Kidd, Susannah Hudson, Tracy Andrew. TRAIN ON Morgan Ogle.

Coach: Tim Osborne


Mixed Open

Adam Reid, Ali Hogg, Angela Verniquet, Benita Lee, Bobby Taylor, Clark Hobson, Ellie Duley, Gabriel Pennington, Jade Grantham, Jake Melling, Jamar Ricardson, James Robinson, John Hood, Jordan Melling, Josh Angell, Joshua Ingram, Karlien Viljoen, Laura Balfour, Leah Cuthbertson, Lucy Clark, Lucy Neal-Hooke, Luke Foster, Luke Profke, Meghan Clayton, Melissa Day, Noel Forde, Ross Howard, Ryan Miemczyk, Samuel Grant, Sara Hatton.

Coach: Noel Forde


Men’s 30s 

Amro Karim, Christopher Wall, Daniel Wines, Dean Hancock, Douglas Benzie, Felix William Ten Broeke, Glen Arthur Jones, James Roblin, Jose Luis Dias, Laydon Kretzmann, Nathan Bourke, Pete Lee, Richard King, Richard Nienaber, Ruez Duranni, Shane Weston, Zhayne Nel.

Coach: Nathan Bourke


Women’s 27s 

Alison Griffiths, Caroline Dawson, Claire Traynor, Danielle Powley-Williams, Jennifer Palmer, Julie Walker, Kate Hyde, Kate Thorpe, Katrina Spring, Kumba Komba, Laura Mitchison, Lindsay Morrison, Lois Lau, Louise Rickard, Lucy Richardson, Lucy Snape, Morenike Williams, Samantha Phillips, Samantha Powles, Sharise Wilkinson, Suzanne Wilson, Tanya Winson, Vicki Franks, Zoe Parish, Zoe van Helmond. TRAIN ONs Zoe Aubert, Jo Cremin, Crystal Ravenscroft, Cathy Spencer.

Coach: Samantha Phillips


Senior Mixed

Alice Watchorn, Bridget McNamara, Byron Tibbitts, Claire Raisen, Dave Cope, Gregg Cropper, Jason Grace, Jeannie Ivanov, Joel Buchan, Joelene Hughes, John Howells, Johnny Acheson, Julia Kang, Leanne Simm, Martin Wright, Ollie Sills, Sacha Swift-Smith, Sue-Ellen Godde, Tamsin Reed, Travis Kenny.

Coach: Martin Wright


Men’s 35s and Men’s 40s

Adrian Fear, Alex Hughes, Brett Milligan, Christian Garland, Damian Hudson, Damien Wood, Dave Ratcliffe, David Williamson, Ian Moody, Jason Logan, Jeff Bimson, John Banks, Jon Lovell, Julian Gilding, Justin Stokoe, Keith Dunleavy, Mark Georgetti, Mark Thomas, Martin Chester, Mike Roa, Neil Bowden, Nicholas Matenga, Paul Ainscough, Pete Flanagan, Richard Chapman, Russell Gould, Sefo Barinisavu, Simon Clare, Simon Witton, Steve Madden, Terry Careswell, Toby Reid

Coach: Mike Roa


England Mixed 18s

For 2015, plans for an international Mixed 18s tournament in Europe are still being formulated by the European Federation of Touch and European touch-playing nations. Following the very successful junior participation at the England’s #TouchNationals and Open Trials, the HP Team and the Mixed 18s Head Coach are considering selection and training for a Mixed 18s squad separately from the Touch World Cup squad programme. More news to follow…



England Men’s Open player James Heptonstall, decided to see if he could beat the underground tube from one stop to the next (Mansion House to Cannon St)

James had 1 minute and 20 seconds to navigate 380m, 2 barriers and 75 steps, let alone a busy station and London streets and made it with only seconds to spare.

This week his exhilarating #RaceTheTube youtube video went viral!


#TouchNationals 2014 – Roundup

The 2014 Touch Nationals took place on the 6th & 7th of September in Cambridge. The tournament consisted of a Men’s Open, Women’s Open and Mixed U18s divisions and ran in conjunction with 2014 Open Trial.

Under 18s

The Mixed U18s was a 3 Match series in which the Southern Mavericks and the Northern Stars played each other on the Sunday of the tournament.

Game 1 saw both teams score within the first 3 minutes and that set the tone for an end-to-end closely fought match which ended in a victory for Southern Mavericks.

Game 2 saw the Northern Stars take control of field position early on and they increased their intensity from their first encounter which the Mavericks could not handle. The Northern Stars took victory in the second game, which meant it was all square going into the final game of the series.

Game 3 saw the Southern Mavericks get on top early in the first half with a very hard driving game and some clinical line attack, however, as the half progressed the Stars got themselves back in the game. Touchdowns were exchanged early in the second half and with about 10 minutes left the Mavericks found themselves with a 2 Touchdown lead. The Stars shot themselves back into contention with 2 quick scores; however, a last minute touchdown scored by the Mavericks far wing saw the Mixed U18s 2014 Touch Nationals title head South as the Mavericks took victory in the final game 7-6.

Following the games, all the U18 hopefuls had a presentation by current U18s national coach Nicholas Matenga, about the selection process and what happens next in these exciting times for the Association.

Male 18s MVP: Jack Dickinson (Northern Stars)

Female 18s MVP: Catherine Walker (Southern Mavericks)


Women’s Open

The Women’s division was a tightly fought contest once again as all 6 teams stated their title credentials in the first round of fixtures with the most impressive result being Midlands Tigers holding the reigning National champions 2-2 in their first match. This was a sign of things to come for the Midlands ladies as they dominated their games against the North West Blades, West Wildcats and battled to an excellent win over a determined and well drilled South West Saxons to secure their place in the final. Both the South East Taipans and South East Sharks were battling out for the right to play the Midlands in the final in their last group match; and in a tremendous game that was showcasing a number of international players, the South East Taipans came out winners 7-6 to progress to the final.

The Women’s final was evidence of just how competitive the Women’s division was. Both teams battled for field position and provided a great defensive spectacle with the Taipans holding a 2 Touchdown lead until midway through the second half. The Midlands ladies equalised late in game and as the coaches, referees and spectators were subconsciously prepared themselves for a drop off, the Taipans struck with seconds on the clock to retain their National title 3-2.

The Women’s division was a fantastic spectacle of the strength in depth of Women’s Touch throughout England. All 6 regions played exceptionally well and the division was hallmarked by a number of great performances. Not only did we see the re-entry of the South West Saxons who finished an outstanding 4th place overall, but for the first time a region outside of the South East made the final, in the form of the Midlands Tigers.

Final Score: South East Taipans 3 – 2 Midlands Tigers

Women’s Open MVP: Kellie Lee James (Midlands Tigers)


Men’s Open

The Men’s Open division proved to be extremely competitive with some outstanding Touch played over the 2 days by all 6 teams. Day 1 saw some fantastic touchdowns and faultless defence and concluded with both the South East United and Midlands Tigers going through to Day 2 undefeated with the highlights coming from Midlands Tigers Vs West Wildcats and North West Blades V South East United games.
The Midlands opened Day 2 with a defeat to the North West Blades who played some excellent free flowing Touch to turn around a 2-1 deficit at half time. With the North West Blades defeating a resilient and highly competitive South West Saxons and South East United defeating the Midlands Tigers, it meant that the North West Blades snuck into the final on point’s differential to face an undefeated South East United.

The final saw a rematch of round 3 that was played on Saturday evening with the South East starting the better and moving clear early on. However, the North West pulled themselves back into the game before the end of the first half through some resilient Touch, however, the commencement of the second half saw the South East pull away through some clinical finishing and solid defence. Touchdowns were scored and conceded by small margins, however, South East United ended up clear winners, 12-6.

The Men’s division was probably the strongest we have seen it. Usually dominated by 1-2 teams, this year saw a number of close results with the overall standard of play outstanding. All 6 regions looked well drilled and the competitive nature of each touch made and each touchdown scored made for an excellent tournament.

Final Score: South East United 12 – 6 North West Blades

Men’s Open MVP: Roger Neighbours (South West Saxons)


Other Awards:

Coach of the Tournament: Leah Cuthbertson (Southern Mavericks)

Referee of the Tournament: Nick Richardson


The ETA would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made this years #TouchNationals a huge success.

Regional Leads & Regional Coaches

North West – Ben Powell, Rob Wellock, Steve Melling, Clark Hobson
Midland Tigers – Kellie Lee James, Dan Mendis, Simon Clare
West Wildcats – Jose Luis Dias, Sam Jones, Sam Powles
South West Saxons – Nina Gulati, Martin Wright, Jen Palmer
South East Taipans – Crystal Ravenscroft, Susan Kidd, Marnie Wills
South East Sharks/United – Tracy Andrew, Kalem O’Sullivan, Luke Profke
Southern Mavericks – Leah Cuthbertson, Sam Jones
Northern Stars – Zoe Parish, Ben Meakin


Cambridge Touch Association

For all their efforts of pre, mid and post event organisation. Kumba Komba, Elizabeth Sargeant. Along with ONE Leisure for the excellent venue


The Medical Team

Cari Thorpe and her team of physiotherapists, Emma Knott and Gareth Marlow.


Open Trials

To all those who assisted in the successful running of the open trials. There were over 100 open trialists to co-ordinate, a great number of players looking to develop their skills.

Mike Roa, Chris Garland, Brett Milligan, Ian Moody, Jeff Bimson, Lesley McCallion, Dave Ratcliffe, Puila Tuiono



Co-ordinators Nick Richardson & Ian Syder and the rest of the referee team. Nicolas Van de Rijt, Kathy Van de Rijt, Shane Hills, Robin Wylie, Rob Bowen, Matthew Hobbs, Gareth Hinds, Martyn Brawn.


National Selectors

All those coaches, helpers, Talent ID spotters who came to select for their team and/or other teams to ensure those with the X Factor where spotted and directed to nationals selection accordingly.


HP team

Tim Osborne, Ben Smith and Gregg Cropper for their tireless efforts in ensuring the day was planned correctly and ran smoothly.


Thanks to all of the players who participated to ensure a tremendous weekend of touch!


Keep an eye out for the pending announcement of National Squads to attend the 2015 World Cup in Coffs Harbour Australia.




Oxford ‘Bonfire’ Touch Tournament 2014

Halloween Touch Tournament 2014

M40 – 2014 European Championships

With a mix of seasoned ‘professionals’ and a sprinkling of newbies, the Men’s 40s arrived on Wednesday knowing we had the potential to go far, but only if we focused on our game, had confidence in our fitness and kept calm heads. We set our stall out early by being the first to dinner after the opening ceremony – showing the youngsters a thing or two about the proper application of speed.

Our pool matches got off to a somewhat shaky start – a 4-5 defeat by Scotland on the premier Pitch 1. Played for the Simon Yarrow Cup, named after the ex-Scotland and & previous player coach for the England M40s, it was a poignant moment and perhaps that, along with the expected nerves, created a jittery game with too many mistakes. Marked by débutantes Gary Povall’s first England try, it also sadly saw a shoulder injury to long-time England stalwart Pete Flanagan that was to end his tournament.


Things were put right that afternoon with a convincing 7-0 win over Italy – notable for Jeff Bimson’s five touchdowns, flying somewhat controversially in the face of his pre-match comments – “It’s about the team, not individual scores…” It was also the first time that we saw the benefit of our fitness, as the Italians couldn’t live with the pace in the second half.

The next day saw an early morning start against reigning champions Spain – some good shooting on their driving play saw it neutralised and our discipline led to an excellent 8-3 win. A long break followed until the next match against France, whose Gallic flair had looked pretty good in their opening games. Indeed, the first half was quite tight, but we managed to cut down the mistakes in the second and we ran out 8-3 winners. Finally then we turned to Wales, again on Pitch 1. With very little separating the teams at half time, some defensive lapses and direct Welsh play in the second half saw us lose 3-8. A sobering game but one we knew could have been closer.


It was a fairly bleak video reviewing session that evening, softened only by the prospect of only 2 games the next day, against Ireland and Belgium. Win them and we were guaranteed a semi-final spot. Things did not go entirely to plan. The early morning start against Ireland on a greasy surface saw us constantly turning the ball over. Penalised for hard touches, over-stepping and offsides, we simply let Ireland attack us and so lost 2-3. It was our lowest point of the tournament and brought a must-win match against Belgium. Recognising our need to relax, Terry Careswell used some calming techniques to lead us in a grounding exercise that brought the team closer and tighter than ever before. It clearly paid off, as we ran in 10-1 winners, including a first try for the other debutant, Rich ‘Chippy’ Chapman.

Our superior points difference saw us finish the group in 3rd and so we would meet Ireland again in the semi-finals. A chance to correct the mistakes of that morning and lay our Pitch 1 demons to rest! It was a close match, again with too many penalties, including forced subs and time for both sides, and one that finished 4-4 – forcing the drop off. Some great advice from our technical advisor saw us attack and defend, during which the Irish had a player sent off – with 5 versus 4, we moved the ball around and finally Alex Hughes found himself with space on the right and enough time to score with a flourish!

Finals day had a relaxing start and the mood in the squad was calm and focused. We knew that the changeable conditions meant ball control would be key. A great crowd were treated to a great match – very high levels of play kept the game extremely tight & at 4-4 with 2 minutes to go, it could have gone either way. However Wales managed to create a score and then keep us out, becoming worthy winners of the M40 category. It was our best game in terms of performance and every one of us were a credit to the shirt – worn both for those who carried it previously and for those who never got the chance. A fantastic tournament and one that puts us in great shape for the World Cup!



Thanks must go to our coaching and managements team, Jeff Bimson, Steve Melling and Kirsty Prior. Their tireless efforts have been amazing all season!


Player Stats


Date Time Venue Opponent Result
07-Aug-14 11:30 Field 1 Scotland Lost 4-5 Detail
14:50 Field 9 Italy Won 7-0 Detail
08-Aug-14 09:00 Field 5 Spain Won 8-3 Detail
14:50 Field 3 France Won 8-3 Detail
17:20 Field 1 Wales Lost 3-8 Detail
09-Aug-14 09:00 Field 3 Ireland Lost 2-3 Detail
11:30 Field 8 Belgium Won 10-1 Detail
15:50 Field 1 Ireland Won 5-4 Detail
10-Aug-14 13:30 Field 2 Wales Lost 4-5 Detail