Kit design competition

England Touch offers the chance to design 2014 kit.

Here at England Touch HQ, we feel that the successful promotion of the game in the international arena is partially dependent on the physical appearance and presentation of participating players. As such, England Touch are running a competition to allow you to design our brand new official away kit.

England Touch national teams could run out on to the pitch in their brand new away kit designed by you! If you are inspired by this, be part of this competition for your chance to make that a reality!

We are looking for a new ‘away’ kit, to be worn in the upcoming 2014 European Touch Championships, along with the 2015 Touch World Cup, in Australia!

We want to create more affinity between our fans, supporters and players and allow them to have an influence in the way our teams perform.

We would like to draw on the creativity of our players, supporters and followers of all age groups to encourage them to submit their own designs that our national teams will be proud to wear and that help to establish our strong identity on the pitch.

Entries can be in any form, from hand drawn designs to digital ones, so you don’t necessarily need to be a expert with computer graphics as the winning design will be worked on by our design crew.

The lucky winner will receive their own replica England playing kit and Canterbury off field kit.

The current ‘home kit’ is shown below.


Design Requirements

Colours: Player uniforms should meet the colour requirements of the national (sporting) colours. These are: Red, White, Blue, Black (and shades of).


a)      The England Touch logo is to be positioned on the left breast area of the upper garment, approximately half-way between the edge of the sleeve and the garment mid-line, of an approximate dimension of not more than 10 cm wide and 10 cm high, depending on shape.

b)      Federation International Touch (FIT) logo, to be positioned on the right breast area of the upper garment, approximately half-way between the edge of the sleeve and the garment mid-line, of a size approximately the same as that for the ETA logo. The size difference between the ETA logo and that of the FIT logo must be less than twenty percent (20%), with design balance the objective.

c)       Canterbury (CCC) logo is to be positioned suitably on the front panel. The size difference between the ETA logo and that of the CCC logo must be less than twenty percent (20%), with design balance the objective.

d)      Sponsor’s logo

  1. To be on the rear of the upper garment, and/or
  2. To be on the front, providing the size of any sponsor/s logo/s do not occupy more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the visible space of the upper garment, nor be large enough or of a different colour to change the overall Member country player uniform design, colour/s or appearance


Entry Criteria

  • Entries can be individual or in teams/groups.
  • Multiple entries are welcome.
  • Entries must be submitted by the closing date January 24th 2014.
  • Entries must be original and not copied.
  • Entries must contain the England Touch playing colours of Red, White, Black and Blue.
  • Entrants must supply their name, age, address and contact details.


Send your designs to


Nottingham school adopt Touch into PE programme

The Key Stage 3 girls in a Nottingham City School are being introduced to touch as a new sport on their PE programme of activity.

Julia Kang, PE teacher at Djanogly City Academy Nottingham, wanted to share her love of the sport with them and try something less traditional.

The activity is proving very poplar and the girls are finding a new competitiveness that they didn’t know they had.

‘I am hoping that the girls will keep their interest going and want to develop their touch skills further through an extra-curricular club we have running at school.’

‘My ideal would be for the sport to grow in young players throughout the city. Touch here in Nottingham has grown enormously over the last couple of years thanks to the driving force of Chris Simon at Nottingham Hoods Touch Club. There is still a gap in the provision for younger players and by introducing this activity at grass roots level and through school involvement, we can help the sport to grow.’

Julia Kang (PE Teacher)

“I think Touch is a great game to play even if you are a beginner. Personally I think I enjoy it more than any other sport because everybody gets a go and nobody is left out.”

Pooja Pandey (year7 student)







If you have any teams in the Nottingham area that would like to play a friendly game against Djanogly City Academy girls then please get in contact.

First ‘Team England’ elite squad training camp

With great weather, excellent training facilities and a packed training schedule what better way to get ‘Team England’s’ 2014 Euro’s campaign started.

The competitive nature of the players and teams came to the fore during the squad games, even after numerous fitness tests and various skill sessions, the desire to win was evident.

The dreaded beeps of the Yoyo test didn’t disappoint on the pain front.  It was great to see players from all squads cheering on their team mates with the saying ‘just one more’ ringing around the grounds. Young and not so old came head-to-head in the women’s Yoyo when Olivia Jones (U18’s) and Kate Hyde from the (W27’s) pushed themselves to be the last ladies standing. The last two men standing were Ollie Sills (Senior Mixed) and Jacob Scadden (U18’s). Well done to all those who did the Yoyo!

As Winston Churchill once said “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Check out the training camp video here

2013 AGM & OGM Minutes now available

At 11.00am on Sunday 3rd November, we held the 2013 England Touch AGM at Gosford All Blacks RFC in Oxfordshire.

All members of the ETA were invited to attend and participate in the meeting as well as one representative or committee member from all league operators, clubs or venues that contribute financially to the ETA.

Over the course of the day, lots was discussed and lots was achieved. Take a look at the 2013 AGM & OGM minutes. For more information, check out our 2013 Annual Report here (download your PDF version here)