Touch Coaching Courses

The ETA are happy to announce that we have added a provisionally second Level 1 Course to the 2012 Coaching Programme to be delivered by current Australian Men 30s Coach John Singh.
If you are interested in this course please fill in the relevant application form and email to as soon as possible.

Registration for the coaching courses is now open

There are limited spaces for all courses and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

n.b Confirmation of your place will only be confirmed on receipt of payment.

CLOSING DATE: 1st August


Application forms

Level 1 Coaching Course – Word format

Level 1 Coaching Course – pdf format

Level 2 Coaching Course – Word format

Level 2 Coaching Course – pdf format

Application forms to please be sent to


If you are interested in improving your game and technical knowledge and putting yourself on the road to being a Touch coach , 2012 is the year to get started. This year we have 2 Level 1 courses and one Level 2 Course on offer.



What: Level 2 Coaching Course
When: 17th- 19th August
Where: Manchester
Duration: 14hours (+15-25hrs home study)
Anticipated times (to be confirmed)
Friday 17th  August:        20h00 – 21h30
Saturday 18th August:    08h00 – 18h00
Sunday 19th August:       08h00 – 12h00
Cost: £140

What: Presenters Course
When: 19th August
Where: Manchester
Duration: 13h00 – 15h00
Cost: £40

What: Presenters Course
When: 22 August
Where: London
Duration: 19h30 – 21h30
Cost: £40

What: Level 1 Coaching Course
When:  26th-27th August
Where: Manchester
Duration: Approx 12 hours
Sunday 26th August:  09h00 – 17h00
Monday 27th August:    09h00 – 13h00
Cost: £85
What: Level 2 Coach  Assessment  (L2 attenders from previous years and 2012 cohort)
When:   1st/2nd Sept
Where: Lilleshall
Duration: TBC
Cost:  TBC
What: Level 1 Coaching Course
When:  07th-09th Sept
Where: Bristol
Duration: Approx 12 hours
Saturday 8th September:  08h00 – 18h00
Sunday 9th September :    08h00 – 11h00
Cost: £85
During the 2012 Coaching Course Program there will be opportunity for Level 2 coaches from 2012 and previous cohorts to be have their coaching assessment and complete their qualification. Anyone interested, please contact Taryn on

Course Information

Level One

Entry level course for anyone wanting to start coaching and learn more about the game of Touch. Aimed at current and potential community school, club to regional coaches.

Entry Requirements – None

Course Details

  • 2-day course
  • Approximately 12 hours
  • Presentations, worksheets, DVD analysis
  • On field practical work
Participants Receive
  • Manual
  • Workbook
  • Rules Book
Coaching Topics Include:
  • Introduction to Coaching,
  • Role of the Coach,
  • Individual skills,
  • Sub Unit Skills,
  • Improving Performance,
  • Fitness for Touch,
  • The Junior Athlete,
  • Team Skills,
  • Game Sense,
  • Planning,
  • Sports Safety and Injuries,
  • Rules of Touch and the important Practical Observations & Assessments.
Course Assessment
  • Course Work
  • Rules examination
  • Course participation
  • Practical Coaching – assessed on course


Level Two

Advanced Coaching for those with good knowledge of the game and coaching experience. Aimed at the elite level of the sport.
Entry Requirements – Level 1 coaching qualification required*.
*Experienced Touch players with teaching or coaching qualification may be eligible for dispensation from the Level 1
Course Details
  • 2-½ day course
  • 14 hours
  • PLUS 15 – 25 hours home study
  • Participant presentations
  • Workshops and DVD analysis
  • On field practical work
Participants Receive:
  • Manual
  • Workbook
  • DVD – 100 Touch Down Video Analysis
Coaching Topics Include:
  • Planning for Touch,
  • Risk Management,
  • Coaching Better,
  • Functional Anatomy,
  • Principles of Training,
  • Speed, Strength,
  • Flexibility and Power Training,
  • Growth and Development of Touch Players,
  • Nutrition, Building a Better Team,
  • Sports Medicine,
  • Managing People,
  • Advanced Individual & Sub Unit Skills,
  • Analysis of Individuals,
  • Tactics and Set Plays,
  • Team Analysis,
  • Talent Identification, and Coaching for Varying Events.


  • L2 Home Study Workbook
  • Participation in Course
  • Presentation on Course
  • First Aid Course
  • Practical Coaching (needs to be separately arranged)
  1. Assessment during Coaching Session
  2. Assessment during Competition Match


Presenters Courses

This course prepares and assessed Level 2 Coaches to allow them to present and deliver coaching courses. Level 2 participants from previous years and from 2012 will be eligible.

Entry Requirements – Level 2 Coaching Qualification.

For more info on any of these courses, please contact



For those people who don’t know much about Dennis Coffey (DC), then here’s a quick synopsis: Dennis represented Australia as a player in the inaugural 1988 World Cup, and again in New Zealand in 1991.
He has an extensive resume in coaching at the international level, and recently coached Australian teams at the most recent World Cups in Japan in 2003, and South Africa in 2007.
Dennis is credited with writing the inaugural playing rules of Touch, the Basic Coaching Manual, Community Coaching Manual, and many other coach education resources, including print and DVD / CD materials.
He established the Australian Touch coach education and accreditation system. He is a recipient of an Australian Sports Commission Administrator of the Year Award, the Governor-General’s Sport Award, and the Eunice Gill Coach Education Award.

Preparation is the key!

The preparation has started for the 2012 European Championships as Cari Thorpe, Head of the England Touch medical team, finalised the team following a series of selection days and interviews.

Emma Knott, Head Physiotherapist and Dave Vaux, Osteopath and conditioning coach had already been appointed following their successful applications to the posts, and have been actively involved in the prehabilitation and conditioning programmes which are available to all ETA squad members via the drop box links.

Cari Thorpe - Head Of Medical Services
Emma Knot - Head Physiotherapist
David Vaux - Team Member/ Conditioning Coach

During the European Championships each ETA team will be assigned a specific medical team member to cover their games pitch side, so that the team has a consistent point of contact. However Cari has stressed that she is very keen that all the ETA squad members are able to approach any member of the medical team during events that they are covering.

The final team selected consists of 7 chartered physiotherapists and an osteopath, chosen for their expert skills and knowledge. The team is multinational, including team members from Canada, Australia, Ireland and England.

Introducing the Team

Peter Ellyat - Team Physiotherapist
Nikki Prichard - Team Physiotherapist
Erin Parish - Team Physiotherapist
Emma Crawford - Team Physiotherapist
Nathan Wharton - Team Physiotherapist

The team has been working hard to ensure that the 8 England squads are in the best possible hands during the 2012 European Championship and other ETA events that they cover, with several training sessions planned for the team.


On Saturday 14th July, the University of Huddersfield hosted the first of a series of training sessions. This was the first chance that the team were able to meet together since their appointments.
Physio Brake Time

Brew time!

Emma Knott, Head Physiotherapists commented:
“We wanted to create a multidisciplinary team that was professional and able to work together and share ideas and skills, whilst still able to have some fun. The training session was a real success and everyone worked really well together and it was great to finally sit down as a team and plan the Euros.”

As with all medical teams covering sporting events, it is essential that the team members are proficient in emergency first aid and therefore the first training session covered CPR, defibrillation, concussion management and spinal injuries. Although touch is a non contact sport, experience from the world cup showed that as well as soft tissue injuries, fractures and concussion can occur at the elite level. With the wet summer that we are experiencing at the moment players will be mainly training and playing on soft ground, however the ground in Italy will be much drier and harder and therefore the change in ground surface may be a major risk factor in injuries.

Dave Vaux, conditioning coach commented:“We have tried to factor in the risks associated with playing touch into our conditioning and prehabilitation programmes; however it is impossible to eliminate all risk!”

Physio Team Practicing Spinal Board TransfersPhysio Team Practicing Spinal Board Straps

Physio Team Practicing CPR

The ETA medical team practice spinal board transfers and CPR/defibrillation

The team are also working hard to develop protocols and pathways based on the most recent evidence to ensure the best possible care for the squad whilst competing in the Euros in Italy on the 12th-16th September.

As part of the development of the ETA medical team, Cari and Emma K are also collecting data on touch related injuries in the hope to develop the understanding of touch injuries and their mechanisms. There is very little evidence surrounding injuries in touch, and it is hoped that this information will help to develop prehabilitation and rehabilitation programmes specifically designed for touch players. They are currently working with the ETA mixed 30’s squad to validate a movement based computer screening programme which is hoped to be the first step to individualised programmes for ETA squad members.

The ETA medical team will be at the all squad training session at Lileshall on the 1st/2ndSeptember to continue their training prior to the Euros, and are looking forward to meeting all the squad members.

England M35s challenge for ‘Yarrow Memorial Cup’

As well as a European title, England’s Mens 35 squad will also have another piece of silverware to play for at the European Championships in Italy this September.

Following the tragic passing of Simon Yarrow last year, the English and Scottish Touch Associations have agreed to contest a trophy – the Yarrow Memorial Cup – between the two most senior international representative sides. This year that will be the respective Mens 35 teams, a move that has the full backing of FIT and the Euros organising committee.

After hearing about the trophy, England Touch Associations Vice President and M35 Coach,Mike Roa, commented: “it will be a great way to remember Simon whilst playing the game he loved”. Jeff Bimson, M40s coach added “All the former and current members of the England 40’s are extremely grateful for the contribution Simon made to the team as both a coach and a player. I think it would be fair to say, without Simon’s commitment, enthusiasm and dedication then the England 40’s would not be around today. The match and trophy are a fitting tribute to person who gave so much to the sport and although our squad will not have the chance to play in the inaugural game, we will be there to support both the England and Scotland 35’s in memory of a dear friend.”

Simon will be remembered as a passionate contributor to Touch.  Simon played for both Scotland and England, and coached and refereed at international level while not forgetting his grass roots and inspiring many to take up the game through social park Touch. The trophy will therefore commemorate Simon’s contribution to senior mens Touch as well as providing added incentive for the sport at senior level.

Award Criteria

The Yarrow Memorial Cup (“the Cup”) will be awarded as follows:

  • The competing teams for the Cup will be the most senior mens teams fromScotlandandEnglandat that year’s main FIT sanctioned international event.  This is likely to restrict competition to the European Championships, Home Nations/ Mainland Cup and World Cup.
  • If one nation is unable to field a side at the relevant tournament, the match drops to the next most senior pairing.  For example, Scotland do not have an M40 side at the 2012 European Championships so the match will take place between the two M35 sides.
  • The relevant match to decide who wins the Cup will be the final match between the two sides in the tournament.  If that match results in a draw (i.e. it is not at the tournament knock-out stage where a drop-off is played), then the current holder of the Cup retains it.
  • The presentation will be jointly made by the STA and ETA presidents to the winning team captain.  This should, subject to agreement from the tournament organising committee, form part of the official prize-giving ceremony.
  • It will be the responsibility of the winning team’s association to have the Cup inscribed with the year of their win and their country name.

Simon’s family have insisted on commissioning the trophy, in recognition of the joy the sport had given Simon and during a recent visit to Edinburgh they were delighted to present the cup to STA President, Peter Faassen de Heer.

Peter said: “I want to thank Simon’s family for the trophy –  it’s a beautiful piece of work.  I love that it has a rose on one side and thistle on the other,  It’s a fitting tribute and should provide a lasting legacy to Simon’s involvement in the sport.”

Photo above shows the giving of the cup by Simon’s parents and brother to the STA President (and good friend of Simon’s) Peter Faassen de Heer.