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New National Touch Series (NTS) and Challenge Touch Series (CTS) for 2012

Due to the dramatic growth of Touch in England, and the number of clubs wanting to play Touch, a review of the NTS has been undertaken to ensure it maintains its status as the highest level club tournament.

In a bid to maintain the high standards of the NTS, and allow for new and developing clubs to establish themselves on the Touch scene, a new two tier system is being launched for the 2012 season.

The introduction of the new Challenge Touch Series (CTS) aims to develop the club game and encourage more club sides to get involved at a national level. This will be tied in with development days for referees, grass root players and more elite players running alongside each Touch event.

Key points for the 2012 NTS/CTS:

  • The NTS will reduce to 16 teams (from 20 teams) per event.
  • The 16 teams offered a place in the NTS for 2012 will be the top 16 teams from the 2011 series that had the highest average points per event (Total NTS points/number of NTS events participated in) and have shown a commitment to the NTS in 2011 by entering 3 or more NTS events. These teams will be:
Bareback Riders Coast to Coast Custard Hot Custard Oxford Touch
Bristol Fijians Durkas London Galaxy Phoenix Touch
Cambridge Hornets Galaxy II Nottingham Touch Statue Bro
Cardiff Raptors London Scorpions Manchester Chargers Thames Valley Viking
  • These teams will be required to pay a bond of £180 early in 2012 to commit to all five events and secure their place. The money will go towards the NTS Finals fee in July and will be non-refundable if they do not take part in all five NTS events. Those that do not pay will lose their place and it will be offered to the next best NTS team from 2011.
  • The Finals for both the NTS and CTS will be held over the weekend of July 28th/29th at the flagship Lilleshall National Sports Centre at the newly established ‘Series Finals weekend.
  • The CTS will be run on a similar basis to the NTS and will grow to be a strong competition in its own right.
  • No NTS sides will be able to participate in the CTS.  There will also be player restrictions that will be announced soon.
  • At the end of the NTS/CTS there will be promotion and relegation of teams for the 2013 competitions.

  • Venues to be announced in early February.

Clubs hosting an NTS/CTS

  • In 2012 there will be a new way of allocating events. All ETA affiliated venues/clubs can nominate to host an NTS/CTS event.
  • Clubs are encouraged to affiliate if they wish to host an NTS/CTS event.
  • Nominations must be in by 25th January 2012. Announcement of the venues will be made in early February.
  • Details on how to nominate your club as a host venue will be available in the near future.

In memory of Simon Yarrow

It is with deep sadness and regret that England Touch has to announce that Simon Yarrow recently passed away.

All of us fortunate enough to know him will have our own memories of Simon. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time. He will be sadly missed.

A fellow England Men’s 40s representative had this to say about their coach:

We are truly shocked to hear the news about Simon. He was our first coach and built us up from a rabble into something closely resembling a Touch team. Simon had many qualities – not least of which was that he really cared about those in the team – both in coaching their performance and also making sure there was a good team spirit. As a long standing player for the Scottish Open team, he had bags of experience, and he was happy to share it with those of us who were new to Touch, even when our progress was slow. He had lots of patience, because he cared for us and the team. He set simple but challenging goals and made us stick to them, keeping it simple and helping us get the basics of Touch sorted out before we tried to move on. In his third year he was able to play in the team, and was a key mid for us at the recent World Cup. Our thoughts are with his family and closest friends.

Message from Simons brother, Tim Yarrow:

Thank you for the messages. We are all obviously devastated with what has happened and struggling to come to terms with life without him. He was a very special man. We are requesting no flowers, rather a donation to PADI Project Aware which is close to his heart. The funeral is next Fri (16th) at 1:30 at the Holy Trinity Church in Knaresborough where he spent some time recently on his quest for answers. We understand completely that everyone has commitments in their lives but if you do want to come then please do.

Thanks again for you thoughts


RIP Simon

Current or future Referees – get in touch

The England Touch Association (ETA) has recently gone through a number of significant changes, to both its personnel and its outlook.  Virtually every position within the ETA has undergone some degree of change. One such change is the role of National Director of Referees, Shelley Grace has been appointed to this role and has written the following article to all current and potential new referees:

There is a small, dedicated team of people working alongside me, who are:

– Bruce Lockie (

– Tom Bedkowski (

– Marnie Wills (

– Mike Roa (

My contact details are:

– Shelley Grace ( and also (

One of the main focus points for 2012 is referee training and development for all our referees as well building our referee numbers.

You are the priority.

The ETA and I want to make sure you receive the latest referee news, updates, course dates and most importantly information on tournaments and touch events that are coming up. In order to help us with that, we are going through the process of updating all of the contact details and records we have on file, particularly those of the referees.

We’d like to encourage everyone to get involved in the 2012 season, whether it’s to improve your skills, learn the rules better, progress to the next badge level, referee at your local league or referee at social, competitive or national tournaments.

The 2012 season will also see the European Touch Championships (Euro’s) being held in Italy in September, which we are very excited about. England Touch would like to be in a position to provide a large number of referees for this event, and hence the early preparation. The Euro’s is an amazing experience and an excellent opportunity to receive top quality coaching and feedback; it is lots of fun and a great way to meet other people who also share the love of the sport. And you don’t need to be a black badge to attend!

So, regardless of your current qualification level or your level of experience, we’d love to have you on board and part of the referee team going forward into 2012.

To help this process, please can you complete the contact details section below and reply to sender (  Alternatively, if you wish to be removed from this distribution list as it’s no longer applicable, please reply in kind and out of interest we’d like to know why.





Alternate Email:

Mobile Phone:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Current Referee Badge Level (if applicable):

Number of years refereeing:

Are you a full time referee or player ref?

Are you interested in refereeing at?

– Local leagues?

– Social tournaments?

– Competitive tournaments?

Do you wish to be removed from the ETA Referee’s distribution list?

If yes, why?

Thanks for taking the time to read and update the contact details section! We do appreciate it.

If you have any questions, comments or queries, please let me or anyone listed above know! If you’d also like to get involved in helping out in any way, please do not hesitate again to get in contact.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you at events in 2012. Have a safe and merry Christmas and a prosperous start to the New Year.


Shelley Grace

National Director of Referees

England Touch Association