Regional FAQs

What is the selection process for the regional teams?

Each region is responsible for holding their own trials. The format may vary region to region. Dates for each region will be advertised in each regions page at

How many players will be in the regional teams?

Regions are free to have whatever size squad the regional coaches see as appropriate. The squads will need to be cut down to 14 players per team for the tournament in April 2012.

Are regional teams open to anyone to play in?

No, as this is being used to develop English players and as vehicle for selection for the 2012 Euros for the opens and 30s squads. Regional coaches are required to select a minimum of 10 players in each final team who are eligible to play for England.

I am currently injured, what are my options?

If you are injured you need to contact your regional coach and HP Director.

How were the regional coaches appointed / selected?

Regional Coaches and assistant coaches were appointed by the HP Director.

How often are the coaching/training sessions?

This will be dependent on individual regions requirements. There are no restrictions imposed as regional coaches will know what works best for their region. If you wish to discuss this matter further please contact your regional coach.

Are all the regions learning the same thing, i.e. is there a ‘curriculum’?

There will be some core basics which all regional will be required to coach. The coaches will also bring their own ideas, experience and knowledge to the training sessions.

If I don’t make the regional squad, can I still make the England squad?

Individual situations will be taken on a case by case basis by the HP Director.

What are the eligibility rules?

You need to be playing at an affiliated Touch venue/module, 10 of the squad will need to be England qualified.

Are there any exemptions allowed?

Exemptions will be taken on a case by case basis by the HP Director

What do I do if I want to trial for an England mixed side, not men’s or women’s?

If you would like to play mixed for England, you still need to compete in the Nationals.

What if I’ve played for England previously, do I still need to play in the nationals?

Yes, anyone seeking to represent England in the open or 30’s grade needs to play for their Region in the Nationals otherwise they won’t be considered.

What happens if I am over 35yrs old, can I play in the regional squad?

Yes you can play for your regional side if you are selected. There are no age restrictions imposed.

If I want to trial for the England men’s 35s/40s sides, do I have to play in a regional side?

No, there will be a separate selection process for Masters players. Please keep an eye on the website for dates of this.

Do I have to play in the region where I live?

Yes, you need to play for your region where you play your touch.

Do we need a kit to participate?

A numbered team playing shirt will be the only compulsory kit required for the tournament.

How much is it going to cost me to play at Nationals?

Overall costs are currently being finalised, with the focus on keeping costs to a minimum. Unfortunately we need to cover costs such as tournament fees, referees, first aid, field hire, etc. This will be communicated out asap.

What are the rules on sponsorship of the regions?

Regions are welcome and encouraged to find their own sponsorship and the extent of sponsorship is at the sole discretion of the region. If you know of an organisation who wishes to be involved in supporting England Touch beyond the regional competition, please contact Jack Linstead.

Regional Franchises Announced

England Touch has announced a new format for developing Touch in England: the launch of an annual 2 day National Touch Tournament and the formation of 7 new regional franchises as part of it’s player development pathway leading to National Squad selection.

The tournament will show case the best players from each region and will be used as a basis for selection for the Opens and 30’s sides for Euro’s 2012. This tournament will increase players exposure across England to coaching, improve coaches skills and lift the standard of England Touch across the board.

Regional coaches and assistant coaches have been hand selected by the High Performance Team (see here). There will be announcements of trial dates for the regions out in the near future, so please keep an eye on the England Touch website. The tournament is pencilled in for 21st & 22nd of April 2012 at Lilleshall National Sport centre. This is not open to any club sides, only sanctioned regional franchises are allowed to participate. This does not affect the 2012 NTS series in any way and the NTS series will continue as normal next year.

Regions are roughly grouped as follows: South East, West, South West, Midland, North East and North West. The exact borderlines will be published shortly.

In order for a player to be eligible for a region, they will need to have participated in an affiliated league in the region in the last 12 months (starting from 1st April 2011) or be registered (and regularly play) with an affiliated club. In addition to this, you must not play in any unaffiliated competitions and/or leagues. Any exception need to be authorised by the High Performance Team.

If anyone has any general queries at this time please email Marnie( also if anyone know of any potential sponsors for the event please email Jack Linstead (

Keep up to date with all the Franchise info here.

2011 Annual General Meeting

The England Touch Association (ETA) would like to confirm the 2011 Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 20th November 2011 from 11:00hrs at Gosford All Blacks RFC, Stratfield Brake, Freize Way, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 1UP.

As a member of the ETA you are invited to attend and participate in the meeting. All league operators, clubs, or venues that contribute financially to the ETA are invited to attend by sending one representative, or committee member, on its behalf. We also welcome attendance from any league or club interested in becoming affiliated to the ETA. Confirmation of attendance should be sent to Chris Simon on, stating your name, contact number, email address and details of which affiliated club or league you are representing.

During the AGM, elections will be held for President, Vice President, Referees Director, Statutory Director, Finance Director and Technical Director.

People wishing to stand for one of the executive positions should contact by Sunday 6th November (two weeks before the AGM). Any nominations need to be seconded by another member of the ETA. Only if no nominations have been received in advance of the AGM will they be accepted from the floor during the meeting.

If there is anything that you would like to raise or discuss in the AGM, please e-mail Chris Simon ( by Sunday 6th November for inclusion on the agenda.  Players are welcome to attend, but should notify their intention to do so in advance by emailing Players will not be eligible to vote.

The agenda will be sent out to all members prior to the meeting.


Chris Simon

Statutory Director
The England Touch Association

F.I.T. news

Just some short news update regarding the F.I.T in the past few months:

1.       SportAccord: After many weeks of extended preparation post-TWC2011, FIT submitted an application for membership of SportAccord on 24 August 2011. Receipt was acknowledged and we had submitted the application based on 42 x FIT members.  Unfortunately some weeks later we were advised that SportAccord would not recognise England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Guernsey and Jersey as separate, independent member countries. They were recognised as one country only in accordance with the Olympic criteria although FIT was entitled to recognise them separately.  SportAccord did not recognise Catalonia and Niue as independent countries as well.  Therefore we did not meet the 40 member (Summer sports) membership criteria.  The Board decided to withdraw the submission and to continue to work on membership numbers with a view to a submission in 2012.

2.       FIT Membership: As a related matter I have pleasure in advising that the following countries have been approved as official Federation members: Argentina, China, Chinese Taipei, Luxembourg, Portugal, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Tuvalu and also Mauritius as an Associate Member.  We continue to assist the countries of Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Egypt, Kenya, Korea, Philippines and Solomon Islands with their membership applications.  In addition, the countries of Canada, Czech Republic, Qatar, Tokelau and United Arab Emirates have been awarded new Developing Nation status.

Unaffiliated Events

There a currently a large number of Touch events being advertised around the country on social media sites.

While we support any English teams, players and officials taking part in affiliated Touch tournaments across the country and abroad, you should take care that any you are involved in are indeed properly affiliated to the relevant national Touch association.

Taking part in an unaffiliated event is against England Touch and FIT policy and could result in a player, team or official being banned from future England Touch and FIT affiliated events.

We are happy to promote any affiliated event through our website and social media sites whether at home or abroad, and are happy to provide guidance and assistance for anyone involved in the organisation of Touch in England. We urge anyone involved in such organisation to contact us about affiliating their event.

If you are unsure about any particular event, please contact the organiser in the first instance and/or the national governing body.


Canary Wharf Touch Challenge

England Touch rep players (plus guests) attended the Canary Wharf Touch Challenge on Tuesday 11th Oct, supporting the Wooden Spoon charity.

They played 4 v’s 4 over 20 minutes, against corporate business teams from in and around the Wharf area.

This was a great profile opportunity for the sport and much interest was taken as business people watched in their lunch hour. It was a fantastic event and we hope to be involved next year.

Thanks to all players who helped make it happen – Paul Farrington, Claire McIntosh, Rohan Lee, Lucas Lee, Melissa Reynolds and guest appearances from Anna Cunnington and Scott Smith.

More photo’s coming soon!